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Fouled plugs
« on: Jun 23, 2017, 19:18:14 »
Hey, first time posting here, I hope I'm in the right section. Anyways I've got this 79 Cb750 I'm getting ready to give up on. So during the winter months I made a poor de I sion of putting pods on my bike. Had it working for a bit but of course the bike just wasn't running right. Well now I'm back to stock and a couple months of trying to get this bike running right again. I've been having trouble with the idle and low end acceleration. I've gone though the carbs enough where I can rebuild them blind folded. Also my headlight fuse busted the last day I rode the bike with my pods on. But my carbs are squeaky clean, I've replaced my ignition coils due to weak spark. Right now she will start up but the longer she idles the worse she gets. All of my plugs were fouled, replaced all the plugs with the ngk iridium plug because that's what the last owner had and the bike was fine with them last summer. So end of story, every time I fire my bike up my plugs are getting massive amounts of carbon buildup. I've checked compression and that's all fine. I've run out of ideas of what to check and I've even gone a little leaner on floats to see if that would help.

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Fouled plugs
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Heavy Carbon foul is oil being combusted usually, unless your F/A mix is pig rich...

Are all plugs the same or is it just one or two?

How quickly do the new plugs foul?
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