Author Topic: Honda NSR125 wheel bearing - custom sizes  (Read 346 times)

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Honda NSR125 wheel bearing - custom sizes
« on: Jul 04, 2017, 17:15:18 »
Hi all, hope someone can ease my concerns. I'm fitting NSR125 1999-2002 wheels to my project but to do that I need the bearing to measure 20mm i/d to suit the gs1100 axle spindle I will use on the gs1100 swingarm.

Standard bearings just removed.

My concern is for the small bearing, I'll need a bearing to measure 35o/dx20i/d-x10w.

Do they exist I wonder?

I'll be off to the local bearing suppliers tomorrow, just thought I'd throw it out there....

Also, will a thinner wall inner spacer work, currently 4mm thin wall, needs to be 2.5mm to make the i/d 20mm.

Thank you.
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