Author Topic: Custom 1974 Honda Cb360 runs but not well I NEED HELP!!  (Read 859 times)

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I have a 1974 honda cb360. It has straight pipes that have a baffle in them, Mikuni vm30 carbs (150 main jet, 3.0 slide, P2 needle jet, 2.0 air, 40 pilot, and 6F5 needle), a pamco cb360 electronic ignition, NGK b8es (gap 30). I adjusted the float, tried 155 main jet then i went down to 145 jet and it ran even worse. Im back with the 150 main jet and it runs fine and starts right up with one kick but if i ride it for a while around my neighborhood the plugs with get a dry black carbon on them. Then when the plugs get too fouled it doesnt want to start up. That tells me its running rich but i have literaly tried everything i can think of and it still is rich. Ive never had it run lean. When I ride it it has plenty of power and it will even go down to a nice idle at stop signs. I dont have an rpm gauge on it which make it more difficult. I dont know much about motorcycles but ive learned a lot. Ive set the valves to the honda spec. Let me know your opinion, Im open for any suggestions. 

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Re: Custom 1974 Honda Cb360 runs but not well I NEED HELP!!
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What type of needle jet is a P2? Primary or Bleed type? (159 or 175)? Then we'll know more.  Float levels on those Mikunis should be 20mm to 22mm I believe.
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