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CM400T Cafe Build - I've got some questions, first!
« on: Sep 30, 2017, 13:21:59 »

I'm doing research for my upcoming cafe build.  I've a 1981 CM400T, my first bike.  I'm thinking of building a fairing, and wanted to get your comments on how to build a fairing, should I build a 1/2, 3/4 or full fairing?

Also usual performance upgrades.  What would be people's suggestions for suspension, engine upgrades. 

I've seen a ton of comments, where people say if your going to Pod Filters, you need to rejet the carb, with the removal of the airbox, would I need fatter,(larger) jets?  if so , how could I determine the correct sizing?

Obviously I don't want to over build the bike, but tighten the suspension, add some gitty-up, whoa and make it cool, in a cafe style.  Granted, I don't have to have it be a rocket ship, but I have some twisties around where I live, handling is the highest on the list of 'To-Do's' 

I've attached my inspiration, but I don't know where I found this, or who the builder is, but it's sweet.  I'd be interested in talking to the builder, if anyone knows who that person is?

Thanks for reading.