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Re: Ducati engined café racer
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Looking good, are you planning on adding any triangulation to the SA, or just run it as is and see how it handles?

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Re: Ducati engined café racer
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I love your work on the SA, did you have any trouble with distortion after welding? When I made mine I built a jig, a little like yours and when I removed the SA it had a twist. Are you going for twin shocks?. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the frame

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Re: Ducati engined café racer
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Hi thanks.
Farmer92. No I haven't planed for triangulation. My thought is that the SA is from a dirt bike and the forces on the street should be considerable less than it's dimensioned for. I hope im right.😆.

Popeye SXM.
Yep. Rewelded it twice before I got it good enough. It's not twisted. It just got a bit tight between where it mounts on the the engine. But I made i so i will have spacers any way. So no worries.
Yep I will have twin shocks. Im going old school. RSU fork and twin shocks.👍

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