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Vote then find 2 other people and get them to vote too!
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That was easy!

Even it isn't a Yamaha.

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A thousand years ago i bought this bike to give to my father as a retirement gift. He owned it when i was a kid and sold it to pay bills. I tracked down the frame (t500 for the old man is the build thread). I restored it, but i left the i's to cross and t's to dot to him for somethng to do. Long story short this bike came back to me pretty much like i gave it to him, as a gift. I finished it and rode it for a few years. This titan won botm with it a few years back too! I own several titans now and decided to throw some fancy at this one.  Nothing  i couldnt un do in a weekend.
 It started as a gt550 fork swap them it wound up being new wheels and tires then seat and paint. I had alot of help from several members and friends along the way.  Ah haha i remember Me justinlonghorn vonyinzer and deadrock rewired this thing in the middle of the night drunk at mid ohio several years ago. Anyway thanks for the nomination, im honored to be in the runnings again aginst two top notch bikes. Cyclefreak that kz is rad you are a artist, and that honda is as clean and well build as they come

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This is what it is.
81 KZ550 with GPz550 head and oil cooler
Front fork rebuild with progressive springs. Custom built Hagons in the rear.
Tarozzi fork brace
Raask rearsets
TK 30mm carburetors, K&N pods
Electronic ignition
MAC 4 into1 exhaust
Stainless steel brake lines

So, here is what happened.
Picked up a 81 KZ550 from Mr. E that was in ummm, let's say less than perfect condition. Most notably a busted transmission.
So, the engine came out, bottom cases split and another transmission was put in. Engine was refinished in a satin black along with the frame after sand blasting. Front suspension was rebuilt using progressive springs, rear shocks replaced with custom built Hagons for my 195 pound butt. Found a cool Kawasaki retro orange color to spray on the tins with matching wheel stripes. New coils and electronic ignition went on. The exhaust headers were rusted and had a few holes so a new MAC 4 into 1 was sourced and installed. Oh, almost forgot about the Avon roadriders that I got in trade for the DR500 of Kiley's.
After reassembly was complete and a few bugs worked out , I found that this little bike absolutely RIPS!!! And handles pretty sweet also.

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Damn gents, kudos - those are some nice looking rides.  I'm floored to be nominated - never saw this coming - and I'm thrilled that Rhonda has come as far as she has.  When I pushed her 5kms home back in November I barely knew a carburetor from a clutch plate, this is the first bike I've ever worked on.  Ridden the things for years but everything I did on my '81 CB750 I did for the first time.  With a lot of help from this forum.  Thank you one and all once again (big high fives to AdvCo and Maritime for the nominations, thanks guys)

For the brave there's an 81 page thread over in the Members Introductions to wade through, where you'll discover every single one of the questions I asked concerning every aspect of this build, and consequently every single one of the answers I received.  Otherwise, here's the brief...

The bike was completely dismantled down to the last bolt, a top-end adjustment of the engine made, new seals, rebuilt calipers, new wheel bearings, chain, rubber...all the usual suspects.  Tensioner bolt thread was stripped (and had been blowing oil over the front of the engine for god knows how many years) so in went a TimeSert.  Kept the stock airbox and battery because, well, because I wanted to ride the thing sometime this millennium.  Bike #2, that's a different story... 

Went all out on the tank - took over five weeks inside and out - de-rusting and de-varnishing, hand sanding until a nice brushed finish, and carried the brushed look throughout.  Gold accents, powder coated frame, gorgeous seat from Rod Alves here in Montreal, I made the sidebags (first - and probably last - thing I'll ever stitch, took weeks, not to mention cutting out the stainless steel panels with a Dremel - neighbours must've loved that), new Renthal bars, indicators, tail light, grips, master cylinder (I painted the levers gold, because, well, gold) and dials.

Haven't done the ton yet - ran out of balls at around 140kmph.  But this thing is faster than a fart in a fan factory.  Once I find a stretch of pothole-free road, I'll be a blur...

Tons of other stuff but balls to that here's some photos -

Thanks again good people, good luck to these other 2 beauties and let the good times roll

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Three nicely prepped bikes. Well done team.

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Three nicely prepped bikes. Well done team.

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+1!! Couldn't agree more!!  8)

This one's gonna kill me. I'm connected to all 3 of these nominations in some way!  :-\

Gonna hafta think on this...

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It is a very tough month to vote for sure. 3 very different but all great bikes.
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Ill have these pipes done in time for the money shot drew if that greases the wheels