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Sparck Moto FB-11 Fusebox - Now Available!
« on: Sep 02, 2017, 00:05:01 »
At long last, our first production run has arrived and we're ready for orders.

This "semi-intelligent" fuse box is a universal part, intended for use in all vintage motorcycles. The fuse box is good for a maximum total current load of 25A, but we recommend keeping it at 20A or less. This is inline with almost anything made before 1980 and quite a few bikes even into the 90s. Check with us if you're unsure if this part if correct for your build.

The FB-11 has 11 separate power connections, across nine circuits. Three of the connections are always on and protected by the off-board main fuse (optional extra) as part of a single circuit. These connections will remain on even if the ignition switch is off. This is useful for battery tenders, some types of digital gauges, and RFID locking kits.

The other eight circuits are individually fused for their own protection. Each circuit has an LED that indicates whether or not the circuit is active. A dead fuse means the LED light goes out and you know exactly where to start looking for trouble. Of these eight circuits, three are relay controlled. This allows as straight a shot as possible from the battery to the component in need. By using a relay connection, this lowers the overall resistance in the circuit and allow yours high-draw components to pull the power they need. This is especially useful for low-resistance ignition coils and higher wattage headlights. Of the three relays, one has been configured to operate in a Single Pole Double Throw (SPDT) configuration. This means the relay has two outputs and one is always active. The intention was to make use of this for a high and low beam setup, where you have one of two things on all the time. It can also be used to bypass headlight power when activating an electric starter.

In addition to everything listed above, we also include detailed installation instructions. The instructions include recommended steps for installation, a visual schematic to explain the purpose and location of every connection, and safe operating maximums for the fuse box circuits.

The circuitry within the fuse box is water resistance and the enclosure is NEMA certified waterproof. Please note, during installation, you will need to drill small holes in the enclosure to run the wires. Obviously this means the enclosure is no longer waterproof. Our recommendation is to either mount the fuse box where minimal water will be contact with the box (e.g. under the seat) or to include grommets in your installation process to help keep things watertight. The outside dimensions of the fuse box are 4.5" (115mm) x 3.5" (89mm) x 2.25" (58mm).

The FB-11 comes with two additional options at this time. The first is mounting brackets for $10 (shown in the last attached picture). The other option is an off-board sub-harness for easier hookup of battery connections, ground connection, and ignition switch connections. The sub-harness includes a relay to provide better power to the board, without having to route all of the electricity through your ignition switch. This relay is compatible with most aftermarket RFID systems. The fused sub-harness with relay is $30. Shipping within the USA is free, but please add $10 for other locales.

Sparck Moto FB-11 : $125

Sparck Moto FB-11 w/ Brackets : $135

Sparck Moto FB-11 w/ Sub-Harness : $155

Sparck Moto FB-11 w/ Sub-Harness and Brackets: $165
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