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Re: 1970 CL350 resto
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Been a super long time, but free time is something I haven't had much of. Frame is stripped. I could hear liquid inside the bottom frame tubes, so after hanging it upside down for a few weeks, I wound up drilling some 1/16 holes in the bottom tubes and some black mucky hurricane Sandy water drained out. After getting out as much as possible between gravity and a blowgun, I taped up as many holes as possible, and filled the inside of the frame with evapo rust, because any residual shouldn't harm the metal.  Any rust on the outside that the wire wheel couldn't get to has been getting hit with naval jelly.

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Re: 1970 CL350 resto
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Neat little build, finally read thru the whole thread.

I like these little twin 350.

I'm currently working on one...................SL350, gonna chop the frame for a hard tail and see where it goes from there.

Know about time off or lack of, 12 hours M thru F and 10 on Sat, 8 on Sunday, been that way since Christmas.

Finally did get this past Sunday off, and got a picture of what I'm working on.
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