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Re: Rickman CR Refresh - Collection of Kit Parts
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Darn, I'm actually missing out on something more than local event notifications due to not having a facebook account!!!!
That's AWESOME that someone is reproducing Rickman CR frames!!!
Is it an individual? Or a small shop? A shop that already builds other custom/limited production frames????
Can you pass along this info? I wonder if I can view much on the fb page without having a fb acct?

This is great news...

Also great news for those needing CR swingarms! The early variety with the forked lower rear shock mounts really had a tendency to twist under heavy acceleration with a healthy engine... a guy I met in Indiana got my buddy's Rickman Z1 frame, and it's swinger was quite twisted, and he needs a new one. 

Where again were you getting AP Racing (AP Lockheed) rebuild parts??? Some Norton site in England????
I need rear master and rear caliper rebuild parts and rear master cyl res cap.

Do you know how much those repro frames run??? Send details if you have any further. Sorry to be so demanding!

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