Author Topic: Honda 300F vs Suzuki TU250 vs ?  (Read 904 times)

Honda 300F vs Suzuki TU250 vs ?
« on: Oct 16, 2017, 19:55:15 »
Just noticed I wrote two years ago or so asking if anyone had any experience with the Honda 300F -- and I am still wondering. I'm in Mexico City and may bring an old bike or two down here, but they are apparently pretty rare and hard to find. I'm not worried about parts or work, I'll get parts when I go back to the US and I'll work on them myself. But I am also considering buying a little zip around town bike here for now since it may be a while before I get some of my bikes down here. 250cc or higher will get me on the toll road, so that's a minimum size requirement. And something small for cruising around. The 300F seems pretty cool but I'm not super psyched on the styling. The TU250 looks cooler but... reliability? How does it ride? I'm mostly a Honda guy (only Suzuki I've had was a TS50!) but willing to look elsewhere if anyone has something cool in mind.
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Re: Honda 300F vs Suzuki TU250 vs ?
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I own a TU250X.  Technically it's my wife's bike, but I've ridden it probably more than she has :)  Very nice little bike and the quality is very high.  Perhaps higher than the Honda's etc.

If I'm right the TU250 is made in Japan and has some hi tech cylinder material/lining etc. similar to their bigger higher end bikes.

No question the Honda/Kawasaki/BMW etc. 200-400cc bikes are technically more advanced, are faster, handle better etc. but for a vintage look you can't beat the TU.  Loads of opportunity to customize it too.
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Re: Honda 300F vs Suzuki TU250 vs ?
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The 300f is in the same class as the Z300 Kawa, 390 KTM Duke and some others which may or may not be available where you are. The Suzuki TU250 is kinda on its own with it's old skool nakedness and air cooled single donk.

Not sure if you are buying new, but a friend of mine picked up a brand new Z300 for $5500 AUD on the road a few months ago. A lot of bike for that money: