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Kehin Carburetor Synching
« on: Oct 29, 2017, 21:30:55 »
Hey, I've got the 2 carburetor synch kit and the factory carbs on my CB360. I've been working through a mess of issues and finally got it running again with factory points.

I was trying to dial everything in this evening and I had an interesting thing happen. The right cylinder/pipe was getting very hot and the left was staying cool enough to hover over. I took a look at the carbs and the right airbox boot wasn't on completely. I reconnected everything and fired the bike up again and now the left pipe is getting much hotter than the right.

I pulled out the synch tool and I'm getting a solid 5 (CFM?) out of both sides. They are perfectly balanced. It also says that I should have 10 (units) or else I've got a leak somewhere (intake manifold or late valve timing it says on the gauge.)

I timed the bike with a light and both sides are hitting the mark perfectly.

Any help is appreciated.

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