Author Topic: Am I the Pontius Pilate of this CX500?  (Read 14265 times)

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Re: Am I the Pontius Pilate of this CX500?
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Rear section wiring of lights and indicators wrapped up and connected.

Front control and indicator wires fed through bars. Odometer/tacho and warning and indicator light wires out through bottom of upper triple in 2 bundles.

Making a bracket for my 2 gauges (Water temp and Oil press) out of some 3mm aluminium (or is it aluminum?) sheet.

Big holes are 50mm and fit on forks between clip on brackets and upper triple. Houses 2 gauges, a fan temp over-ride switch for electric fan, and choke.

Below it will be a n aluminium box welded on to bracket, with space and entry and exit ports for connectors and wires bundles. Choke cable goes through it.

Assembled, but yet to be welded, sanded and painted.

1982 Honda CX500 Roadster build