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cast a rearset bracket

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working on designing some rearset hangers for the next ducati build, since the subframe isn't near the footpegs, I designed them so one end bolts to the crankcase and the other has a bushing that goes over the swingarm pivot rod (need to make a longer one too).  machining that would take forever so I used my crappy 3d printer to do the pattern, made a match plate pattern, rammed some sand and cast it

irk miller:
Heck yeah.  Love the foundry setup.  Good to see it happening on here.

thanks, the next casting project is a pair of racing ducati heads :)

Nice job on the patterns!  What aluminum alloy did you use - A356?
3D printing is definitely the way to go - does the software allow you to just add in shrinkage allowances to get the correct pattern dimensions?  I'm pretty old school and still make the odd wood foundry pattern using shrinkage allowance tables (can't find my patternmaker's rule anywhere - remember those?).
Should be some outstanding coreboxes for your Duck head build - I don't think most people have a clue on casting techniques, so post lots of photos.
Keep up the great work.

I scaled the pattern in cad before generating the gcode for the printer, the head patterns are actually both hand made and 3d printed, just depended on what was faster to make by hand and what the printer could handle running overnight, the head with the horizontal fins is a nightmare, 12 sets of core boxes for 6 fins, then another 4 cores, and 6 molds... ooof


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