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1976 K6 cold start issues
« on: Dec 30, 2017, 19:11:19 »
I have a K6 that has some issues in the cold. First, I know the starter gear is fooked and the starter slips and whips before the engine will turn over fast enougj to start. Itíll almost get the motor there but then will slip and whine away. However, the bike also will not kick start either. Or, it will take about 573 kicks to start it. On the odd chance I can get it to kick start, once itís warmed up the starter works just fine. This past summer I put in a dyna ignition, the battery is good I had it checked and itís on a tender, the plugs show a spark when I pull them and thereís gas in the bowls. I have choke full open and I cranked on the idle adjusting screw. I have tried full throttle, no throttle, throttle as I kick or use the starter, I put in 10w30 oil, new plugs, Iím at my wits end. I have a í75 K5 I pulled the starter out of and it starts in about 5-6 kicks first start of the day. No problems. Standing by.