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CJ360 Build (my first)
« on: Jan 11, 2018, 03:18:01 »
Hey guys,
I'm new to the forum, but have been riding and wrenching on bikes since I was 7 ...and I'm 45 now DAMN, that's a long time.

I recently acquired a pretty clean 1976 Honda CJ360 and fell in love with the idea of doing something custom with it. I'm a designer by trade, so I have some fun ideas for a clean build. I thought I would start a thread here to keep track of my progress.

Anyway, here's the bike as it was when I picked it up.

It looked decent, but had been lightly crashed, had a head gasket leak, and frozen carbs from sitting for several years ...the tank was ruined from rust as well.

First things first, I bought a rebuild kit for the carbs and tore into them. I was fortunate that the diaphragms were both in excellent shape, so it was just a matter of cleaning everything out and replacing O-rings, etc. ...almost as good as new.

Next I started tearing the thing down, making note of all missing, bent, or broken pieces I would later need.

I was able to find a decent CB360 tank that had the logo mounts bondo'd over, so I'm in the midst of cleaning it out and prepping it for paint, but right off the bat, what a difference it makes in the lines of this bike ....I like it!

My plan for the bike involves painting the engine rather than polishing the covers, and I'm shooting for HRC gold, but getting the color right can be a trick. ...until I removed the stator cover and found that the upper half of the crank-case is, for some inexplicable reason, factory painted that color inside ...and it looks AMAZING in person. Now I KNOW I'm going to paint the engine this color!  :)

I have no idea why it's painted that color, I've seen several of these torn down and never seen one that wasn't just silver (bare aluminum) ...has anyone else? Seeing it in person, it's clear this isn't some old rattle-can job that wore off on the outside, it's really stunning.

Anyway, that's all I've got at the moment. Between my boy's Scouts, my girl's gymnastics, and my pesky job, there's little time to work on it, but I'm doing my best. ...I haven't even had a chance to fire up my new welder yet!  lol


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Re: CJ360 Build (my first)
« Reply #1 on: Jan 11, 2018, 09:53:15 »
Welcome to the site!  Glad you found us.

I have no idea about the coating under the stator cover, but perhaps it has something to do with the fact that oil sits in that area.

Nice choice on the tank - I've always preferred the older exposed chrome gas cap Honda tanks to the flip-lid style.
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Re: CJ360 Build (my first)
« Reply #3 on: Jan 11, 2018, 22:35:26 »
Welcome to DTT.
and yep my 76 cb360 is same.

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Re: CJ360 Build (my first)
« Reply #4 on: Jan 12, 2018, 01:59:52 »
Thanks for the welcome reception.

And thanks for posting that Trek97, I've never seen it before but I guess that's just the way they are.  :o

I made a little bit of progress tonight; managed to get the engine out of the bike and began the tear down.

Overall the engine looks good so far, though I'm not thrilled at these cam-followers; I'm not sure what caused this scoring, but I'm thinking I should polish it out or look for replacements.

At least the cam lobes look clean. ...there is some minor wear on the bearing surface, but I can't feel it with my fingernail, so I'm hoping it's nothing to worry about.

I won't get to pulling the cam out until Sunday at the earliest, so I don't know what the journals look like. If the valve cover is an indication, I think we'll be in decent shape.

Last thing, to take a break from getting covered in oil, I cut down the front fender (with it's broken bracket) to see how it looks. Not sure if I'll use the stock fender or not (I can weld the bracket / brace) as the CJ has a creased fender that may not work with the softer lines of the CB tank. ...we'll see.

What do people usually use for a donor fender to make nice round one? Is there an off-the-shelf fender blank that is good for cutting to shape?


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Need some advice...
« Reply #5 on: Jan 16, 2018, 00:20:21 »
Hey guys, trying to make some progress getting this engine torn down and I've run into a small snag. Removing the head from the barrel there are 8 crown nuts in the head that have to be removed, then there are two 6mm bolts, one next to each spark plug port. ...but I can't get a socket or a wrench on them as they are just about up against cooling fins:

Right side:

Left side:

10mm socket in place:

I can *kinda* get a 10mm wrench on it, but it's right up against the fins itself and I'm worried about rounding the head if I attack it at an angle.

If nobody has some good advice, my plan is to get the dremel and carefully grind out some clearance for a socket into the offending fin.

Anybody have some sage advice?  :)


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Re: CJ360 Build (my first)
« Reply #6 on: Jan 16, 2018, 01:06:27 »
My upper case on my cb is that same burnt oil golden color too, found it odd as well the first moment I saw it. As for the head bolt, man that's strange I don't remember mine being inaccessible at all, but they are now all socket bolts, so I can't check clearance. A good quality 10mm open end should work, cheap ones can be out of tolerance and round the ends
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Re: CJ360 Build (my first)
« Reply #7 on: Jan 16, 2018, 01:28:50 »
You can grind a little away from the socket, or grind a little away from the fin.  I would probably do the latter.

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Re: CJ360 Build (my first)
« Reply #8 on: Jan 16, 2018, 02:04:57 »
Thanks guys. ...I think I may just grind off a bit of the fin to make clearance ...then clean up the grind once the head is off.

Onward and upward!  :)

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Re: CJ360 Build (my first)
« Reply #9 on: Jan 16, 2018, 10:37:12 »
Following along.
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