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Re: CJ360 Build (my first)
« Reply #60 on: Mar 09, 2018, 23:53:04 »
Okay, not a ton of progress to report ...but I've been busy.

Finally got all my "black" parts off to the powdercoater and finished polishing the last of the aluminum bits so they're ready for Cerakote when I pick up the first batch. The beauty of doing the black bits first is that I can then Cerakote the fork legs (over the black powder coat) and they will be virtually chip-proof. :)

I should have snapped some before / after, but I ground off the extra mounting point on the left fork leg and filed down the casting seam on both legs then sanded them flush & smooth ...when they get back from powder they should look factory clean. :)

As for the aluminum, since we all like photos, here is the batch, ready for coating., that little points cover was a real mother!!!  lol

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Re: CJ360 Build (my first)
« Reply #61 on: Mar 10, 2018, 10:09:42 »
Nice  8)

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Re: CJ360 Build (my first)
« Reply #62 on: Mar 23, 2018, 21:19:31 »
Well, things have been progressing slowly, but surely (low on funds).  lol

My parts are still out for powder coating, but I've been working on cleaning up the frame, and designing an aluminum bracket to hold the Cognito-Moto GPS speedometer and some indicator lights (L & R turn + high-beam). Cognito supplies a mounting ring, so I just had to draw something up to mate it to the OE triple clamp. ...the little Honda wing won't be part of the NC program (way too small), instead, I've ordered a factory Honda wing badge that is perfect, so I will machine in a small recess for it. ...I remembered my VFR1200 had that logo emblem and found it on Partzilla for $2.95; that should help keep things looking "factory".  :)

This is what I've got, though I'll wait until I get the indicator lights to finalize those 3 holes then I'll prototype it on the 3D printer. If all fits as it should, I'll have on machined from billet then have it powder-coated with the next batch.

Here's the VFR clamp so you can see what that badge will look like.

Also managed to get all my transmission bits our for ISF finishing today, so I'll hopefully get those back in a week or so. 
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