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CB360 spoke specs please
« on: Mar 20, 2018, 17:30:55 »
OK, so its not a new topic; but I'm going round in circles.

Having chopped the hub out of a rear CB360 wheel; I order a set of new polished stainless spokes and nipples from a supplier in the UK. (I am in the UK). Thier website boast MILLIONS of spokes made each week, with the specs for most bikes.

Great I thought - as I no longer have spokes for my wheel; other than the 72 assorted pieces now littering my workshop floor.

I call them up, place my order and pay the dues. Have been lounging around for a few days now waiting for my shiny new bits to come in the post.

Phone ring. "Can you send us some spokes...we dont have the specs for your bike". "No" says me, "I just have the rim and hub. I thought you had all the specs".

"We cant proceed without the measurements."

Grrr. You can guess what I am about to ask:

Does anyone have the exact specs for the different lots of spokes in the rear wheel? I can find part numbers and lengths on the internet )158.5, 159 etc) but they dont include which angles are on which.

Just for kicks; here comes the second problem.

I bought 2 new and identical rims to upgrade the front and rear to 2.15's. Yes, thats right...two identical rims.

Having read through the forum a bit; I now realise I may be in for a bit of trouble on the front.

Can anyone help with specific angles and lengths? Perhaps you have a set yet to be fitted you could measure.


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Re: CB360 spoke specs please
« Reply #1 on: Mar 20, 2018, 18:45:55 »
what specs are they needing? because length isn't even all of it. the heads are at different angles and widths for inside and out - do they know that? I'd be buying spokes elsewhere!
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Re: CB360 spoke specs please
« Reply #2 on: Mar 20, 2018, 20:05:56 »
Contact Buchanan Spokes and get a quote.  They have all the specs and they typically provide the measurements, angles etc in the quote.
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Re: CB360 spoke specs please
« Reply #3 on: Mar 21, 2018, 07:55:34 »
They need everything. Length and angle of bend, overall length and so on. The only thing I can currently measure is the gauge. They can make the spokes but need the specs. Same as anyone else. Buying and importing to the UK from US is too expensive. Its not necessarily the price of the spokes, but the post options are bonkers money - often equal or greater than the cost of parts. I cant build a bike that way.

This bike is rare in England and the very few compatible bikes are similarly rare.

I'm fortunate enough to still have a serviceable wheel on the bike; but I'm not stripping it down to get the details for the wheel I plan to build.

If I cant get the specs I'll have to buy a few from the internet and send them as samples.

Is there anyone reading in the UK that has samples they can lend me? I'll pay for all the postage.

I'm cursing myself for starting a rebuild. It was a rough but rideable bike before that just needed a head gasket. I enjoyed the "just dragged out of a hedge" look beforehand but once the engine was out I thought "I'll just polish it up a bit"...and so it started.

So the original 20 for a head gasket is at around 800 on chain, sprockets, stainless bolts, seat, side panels, rims, tyres, blasting, paint, paint, paint and so on...and its still just a pile of pieces.

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Re: CB360 spoke specs please
« Reply #4 on: Mar 21, 2018, 13:58:09 »
I'm in the US i wish I could help you. Try contacting David Silver Spares - he has a supplier in the UK of CB360 parts (had to get my CJ exhaust collars from the UK!)

Don't get discouraged. Late last year I started a full teardown of my bike for the "winter" that never showed up in California - months of perfect riding weather wasted as I spend thousands redoing EVERYTHING "oh this is just an extra $50 i'll do it" and now that it's almost finished, it's begun to rain and snow like crazy here

when it's finished it will be even more of a joy to ride
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Re: CB360 spoke specs please
« Reply #5 on: Mar 22, 2018, 10:17:48 »
I've managed to find one of each listed on ebay and have snapped them up. I will forward these straight to the spoke makers over here.

I use David Silver a lot. Many of his spares originated in the US but he bought a massive supply of parts and brought them back to the UK in shipping containers. I'd hate to calculate the carbon footprint of some of these parts.

Tore down the engine and gearbox fully today after finding blasting grit inside. I think I am over the worst. This is super super fine glass that got everywhere.

Hoping I can complete everything by Sept for some late summer riding.