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New guy
« on: Mar 30, 2018, 23:59:54 »
New here, just lurking and seeking answers. My name is Lon, and I have a 76 KZ400. As a life long dedicated gearhead, petrolhead, or motorhead, I've always had an interest in bikes. Well at 37 (I'm 40 now) I finally got a bike. I have my dad to blame for this. He's always had a bike, and I always had some form of modified truck. I'm also obsessed with land speed racing. The bike: it's a 1976, and sat in a barn for at least 20 years, and I was told the engine was stuck. Turns out only the kick start was stuck and keeping the engine form turning. Together with my dad, we have replaced the carbs, with Mikuni VM 30, new points/condenser, brakes, tires, and lined the tank. Nothing cosmetic short of a good pressure wash. Currently I'm fighting electrical gremlins. I have plans for this bike. My motivation for this bike is that it was cast aside, and I hate to see good machines left to rot. Pics show the day I got it and a more current pic. The ammo can is my cheap saddlebag, I needed a place to put stuff.
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Re: New guy
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Welcome to DTT!.  I have one of these in my barn waiting it's turn on the lift.  Really nice little bikes. 
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Re: New guy
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Welcome! I love the KZís
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