Author Topic: Vincent Black Shadow complete engine repair, rebuild and modification  (Read 1917 times)

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You may want to sneakpeak at, there's a guy chasing records on a (or actually multiple) Vincents. There was some mentioning of the crankcase ventilation not being up to the task. Especially when going wide open for prolonged periods of time.

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I lost an inspection cap on my Bonneville once (about 20 min from home). WHAT A MESS... I was scrubbing oil forever so I empathize. That's a lot of miles without a real shake down before hand, you have balls to do that.

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What seals do you have on your inspection caps Patrik? I just have o rings. Maybe should buy the V3 seals off Neale Videan  here in Aus. I don't need to lose any caps. You've done really well though. Cheers Brian

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