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Re: GS1100G Resto-mod
« Reply #40 on: Jun 06, 2018, 11:23:23 »
Come to VMD for at least Saturday, Dave!!!!! Saturday morning thru Sunday morning if possible, can't miss it 2 years in a row!!!!!

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GS1100G Resto-mod
« Reply #41 on: Jul 04, 2018, 20:29:20 »
Mid O this year?

Come to VMD for at least Saturday, Dave!!!!! Saturday morning thru Sunday morning if possible, can't miss it 2 years in a row!!!!!

Way late on replying, new job is in full swing and is kicking my ass on a daily basis. Hired on with the Columbus Fire Department. In academy until February and then will be placed at a station after that.

Just realized Mid- O is THIS WEEKEND! Shit! My course load for EMT is pretty heavy but I will play it by ear and see how much studying is needed of me this weekend. We are 8 chapters deep and 2 tests through in only 4 days..... condensed 4 credit hour course  down to 10 weeks! The GS450 is what I would be bringing up if I can get there early Saturday morning and either leave early Sunday or more likely if I can go at all I’d have to leave late Saturday. The 450 needs a valve adjustment and some rear brake attention but I may have time Friday to do that if I determine that I can sacrifice a day of studying!

Otherwise I’m working diligently on getting my half of the garage un-fucked. Someone just bought a spare GS1100 motor off me (er rather tomorrow night they are) so I pulled that and am now left with pulling the two parts bikes completely apart to scrap the frames. Need those out so I can regain my space. Also, our baby boy will be here in 3 weeks or so.... gotta get this garage squared away ASAP so if I happen to catch time in the future between dirty diapers and studying I can pop out to a halfway decent garage to work in.   

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Re: GS1100G Resto-mod
« Reply #42 on: Jul 05, 2018, 00:33:39 »
Got some space worked out. I know it doesn’t look like much but half the battle was making my tools accessible. Hard to do anything when everything I need is behind a pile o’crap !

Got the motor out. It went smoothly until I realized how it was stupid of me to leave the wheels, drive hub and all other parts on when tipping it to its side to pull the chassis up around it. Too much weight for this guy... pulled the angle grinder out and in 3 cuts the motor was magically out of the frame 🤣