Author Topic: 1976 CB360 scrambler/tracker/heck of I know!  (Read 590 times)

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Re: 1976 CB360 scrambler/tracker/heck of I know!
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So fresh and so clean clean.  As much as I dig what you're doing with this 360, where can we go check out your Willy's builds?!  They've been on my mind for a few months for some reason

It was a lot of fun to build and is fun to ride around the pasture and backroads.  If you do one of these right, it is very expensive.  The problem is most of these have been rode hard and put up wet for 70 years and everything on them is worn out.

Here is my 48 build thread.

I built a 52 M38 several years ago but I dont have anything on the internet for that one.