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Gasket material
« on: Jan 15, 2019, 23:21:20 »

Iím trying to find some gasket material so I can cut my own gaskets and not have to buy kits with gasket I donít need. Anyone have a good lead on where I may find some gasket material? I have found a few places on line but the sheet they sell are 8Ēx8Ē and that is not big enough to make a engine side cover gasket on my CB350 for example. Iím in Canada so if anyone has a Canadian lead that would be ideal but Iím happy to buy from the US.

Thanks for your help.

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Re: Gasket material
« Reply #1 on: Jan 16, 2019, 00:29:42 »
Seems like you guys have some place called Princess Auto or The Queen's Sister's Cousin's Auto or something like that.  If they are anything like our Autozone or O'Reilly's type places, they should sell rolls of gasket material.  Amazon also sells it.