Author Topic: 1963 Suzuki Colleda Black Betty cafe-ish build  (Read 504 times)

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Re: 1963 Suzuki Colleda Black Betty cafe-ish build
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Thanks guys, the front brake cable came in today so now all of that is sorted, I also welded the footpeg mounts on, I started to do it with the Mig but it ran out of wire so I fired up the big boy and arc welded them on, probably better anyway much better penetration on the weld joints , now I just need a left footpeg.

I am trying to get all the mechanical stuff out of the way before I do seat covers, bars and those sorts of things, once I have it running and driveable I will start on cosmetics but it's never really going to be pretty because of the condition of the chrome on the tank and sidecovers.
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Re: 1963 Suzuki Colleda Black Betty cafe-ish build
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Heat shield came in, it started off as you see in the first pic, looked kinda sad so I whittled , beat and banged on it till I got something I liked as pictured in the second pic, it's a little too blingy for my tastes, some flat black should tone it down quite nicely though. I do need to weld another nut onto the pipe to secure the front of it. The separate piece I haven't decided on just yet, for now I will leave it but I may revisit that at another time. I wold kinda like to but another piece and tig weld the two together at at angle and grind it down so it's one continuous pieces following the contour of the pipe, we will see.

 Magneto cover came in looks like I can make it work with a few mods and another cover cut up as a spacer That gap in the back has to go so I need to figure something out there . Carb rotator is in , I am still waiting on the insulator but I was able to get the carb in a spot where it will be happy.
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