Author Topic: New York title only has the 9 digit VIN thats stamped onto the neck..  (Read 593 times)

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So I'm looking at buying a bike from New York (I'm from Ohio). I've had a friend look up the vin that is on the vin plate and it comes back clean. But here's the issue, the title only has the 9 digits that are stamped onto the frame, not the entire VIN that's on the plate. I called my local DMV and they said that I would have to get the title replaced in New York and then I would be able to get an Ohio title for it. I'm not quite sure how to go about this at all, any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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Take the plate off and go to another DMV office.
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Just to be sure I understand:  You are buying a bike with only a 9 digit VIN on the title, but a standard 17 digit VIN on the VIN plate, with the first 9 digits matching?  If that's the case, I either wouldn't worry about it or I would get a new VIN tag made to match the title.  There are companies that sell and engrave replacement VIN tags.

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Well it doesn't start with the same 10 digits. It starts with JYA instead and then there's a 002CA in the 17 digit vin where there's just a dash in the 9 digit vin. I'll most likely just take the vin sticker off and go to a different dmv. The number on the stem matches with the one on the engine so I'm not afraid of anything funky going on. Thanks for the help.