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Need help identifying bobber frame
« on: Jun 24, 2018, 03:55:25 »

Picked up a hardtail bobber frame on eBay, don't know much about it other than its from around the 70s and takes Harley rear wheel and head stem bearings.

I can work out most things as I go but would really like to nail down what engine it's designed for. If I took a guess I'd say xs650 or similar vertical engine. And I assume there's a couple of engine mounts not fitted.
The frame overall looks unused other than mock ups, it's been painted which makes me think their welding was done but it does seem to be missing some tabs.

The top motor mount has around 70mm opening and the lower around 130mm. Frame has around 28 degrees rake. I say around as the workshop was dark

Plan is to build a vintage style flat tracker out of it, just something to blast around on

Pictures to follow


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