Author Topic: 1982 Honda XR500R Cam Chain Issue  (Read 261 times)

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1982 Honda XR500R Cam Chain Issue
« on: Jun 25, 2018, 18:58:23 »
So I picked up a 1982 XR500R for a song and a dance because they couldn't pay me to help them fix their other bike. Last year got it up and running and the bike pulled like a freight train. Ran like a top for about 60 solid miles, got back to the truck loaded and the next weekend when some buddies and I went to go riding, nothing. Wouldn't fire up.

After digging into it I found the cam chain tensioner is sticking, lets the chain go lose and it skips a tooth so it cannot build compression. Luckily no piston or valve damage. The rough spot I am in now is that these tensioners are about as easy to find as hen's teeth in good condition and where the seller doesn't want over $200 for it.

Does anyone on here by chance have one they would be willing to part with or has anyone seen this issue and have an idea on how to fix the one I currently have?
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