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Not new to the site, but have never introduced myself. I am out of Barrie, Ontario and have been messing around with older bikes for a long time. My first big boy bike was a 76 Suzuki GT 750 Water Buffalo. Way big for me at 16 as I couldn't touch ground on both sides but what the heck? Right now I have a 81 KZ440-A LTD, I have made mechanically perfect and have been driving for the last year and 1/2. Replaced almost every moving part and painted the others. Bearings, seals, gaskets, all manner of electrical have been worked over. That being said now it's time to start making it a little cooler.

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Re: Old enough to know better but young enough not to care
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Just up the road from you mate, welcome from Montreal.  Me and the missus rented an RV from Barrie a few years back - 300kms later and while still digesting my breakfast I went to have a shower in the thing and found out the hard way that the previous renters had filed the water tank rather than the gas tank tank with unleaded.  Lucky I quit smoking in the shower years ago.

Great looking bike there fella, am I right in thinking the LTD was a slightly more cruiser-styled version of the KZ?  I ask only because this may mean the frame might need a little more straightening out (if that's the look you're going for) - if not please totally disregard this!  She's a beaut mate, keep the updates coming =)
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