Author Topic: $100 CB750 , Should I turn it into a cafe racer, Part it out on ebay or re-sell?  (Read 671 times)

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Hi, new to the form. :D I just picked up this 1972 CB750 for $100.00.It came with a frame and 2 extra motors(no idea the condition of the motors) It has no papers, no key, the guy said it turns over ???, but he said he has never heard it run. It has 32000 miles on it. It looks like it have never been crashed but just neglected. I don`t have a lot of experience with cb`s. I had a 77 KZ1000 and own a 77 XT500 and a 74 XL350 now. I am just wondering if I could get some opinions from folks that have experience with cb`s on what I should do with it before I decide to pour money into it or sell it. Thanks for the info.
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The cb750 is of course one of the classic bases for a cafe, so perhaps either join the club and build yourself a 750 cafe or sell it and use the funds to buy something you have more affinity with ?


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Welcome....................nice haul.

CB750 are greats bikes.

If you decide to part one or the other.............I'd be interested in the key switch and bracket on the extra frame, and seat lock bracket.
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I'd start by checking with your local LEOs to make sure teh frames are not stolen and can be registered after you build it.

If they come up clean, start the research into what works on those bikes and how you want it to look and perform.  Since you are not starting with a perfect bike, you can feel free to do whatever you want with them in terms of modification.  Carpy built a few cafe racers in the old style and might be a good place to start.   

As the plan starts to evolve, you have lots of spares to work with, and by the time you finish there will be lots of parts to sell off and recoup some cash.

Take your time to work up a plan.  I use CAD v0.0 (cardboard aided design) so I grab decent pictures off the web of a stock bike without tank and seat and print multiple copies and start playing with shapes and ideas.  I also grab pictures of other builds of the bike I'm working on as well as other makes for ideas.

Try not to lock in too hard on one idea up front, but be open to lots of ideas and refine your plan as you go. 

One place to start is an F2 tank, CR750 seat, good 4 into 1 exhaust, Dyna ignition, stock carbs, hot cam and big bore pistons with superbike bars and rear set pegs.  Decent rubber - BT45 or AM26 on slightly wider rims and a brake upgrade would be a good place to start. Front forks and brakes are weak by modern standards, so I'd look at say early R6 conventional forks and brakes or maybe SV650 or even Katana or CBR600F4 forks ie conventional and long enough to work.  Most USD forks are too short and screw up handling.   

So you keep the classic look and update handling brakes and engine performance so it does everything better than stock without turning it into a full on race bike that can't be ridden on the street safely or comfortably.

I'm sure you will come up with your own ideas, but take your time to think about it.  That's half the fun.
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If you are close to me Id give you some cash for the lot.

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Haha. Was wondering when the offers would start coming in. Yes...would have to throw some kosh into it but what a start.... $100 !!! You must be in this forum 'cause you wannabuildabike. Build it.
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With what you have, you could almost build 2 bikes.  I say do two completely different builds from the same bike. (easy for me to say when it's not my time or money!)

Have fun!

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Having already had '70's bikes, you've already experienced the limitations of vintage machinery, so make sure of the paperwork, & get busy!

I'm in the Moto Guzzi world, where sometimes free is too much to pay, but these being CB's, I'd say you ought to have a good start on putting something very nice together, if you're willing & able...
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