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Hello from Edmonton, Canada
« on: Sep 08, 2018, 14:50:06 »
Hi there,
I started riding when I was 15 and was an avid street rider through my late teens and twenties. I stopped riding after I started a family, then got back into it 6 years ago at age 48. Now my daily driver is a Moto Guzzi California Stone and I love it. I'm joining DTT now because I'm partway through a cafe treatment on my original CJ360 I've owned since 1981. I haven't been taking pictures along the way to start a full-blown project thread, but I'll probably post some pics of the end result, hopefully soon! I've read many of the 360 build logs on DTT and they've helped me a lot with my project. I hope I can contribute something back as a DTT member.

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Re: Hello from Edmonton, Canada
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Welcome from Montreal Royal, let the good times roll  8)
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Re: Hello from Edmonton, Canada
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Welcome to the Party, Pal!
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