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Make stands to support your bike
« on: Sep 16, 2018, 10:37:46 »
Early days on my project, but thought I would share some pictures of the stands I put together to help me work on my Bike.
Made mostly from metal I had around and a golf bag trolly for the triple stand. total cost under $100 mostly on rattle cans.
Center stand utilizes a spare hole cast on the bottom of the engine.
These are made just for my bike but it might give others some ideas.

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Re: Make stands to support your bike
« Reply #1 on: Sep 17, 2018, 00:49:13 »
Beefy!  Dat bike ain't going nowheres!

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Re: Make stands to support your bike
« Reply #2 on: Sep 19, 2018, 14:22:14 »
I had originally planned a center stand for the Hunley that would have a padded C section to cradle the bar under the aft end of the trany (where the original center stand pivot was that I ground off). It was to have a nice long lever arm to lift the ~600 lb bike easily. But, I picked up a Harbor Freight stand and made spools to fit longer bottom shock bolts. That combination stand does look nice, though.
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Re: Make stands to support your bike
« Reply #3 on: Sep 19, 2018, 14:33:56 »
I like how the front mounts at the stem of the triple which means you can work on a lot of the front end without issue. Neat.
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Re: Make stands to support your bike
« Reply #4 on: Sep 19, 2018, 16:01:00 »
very cool!
trying to understand the centerpiece.  Is it temporary bolt on so you can remove the rear stand?

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Re: Make stands to support your bike
« Reply #5 on: Sep 19, 2018, 22:42:43 »
The center piece just holds the rear off the ground so there's no load on the rear suspension. Just raise the bike with the paddock stand and hold it in place with a slip in pin at the front under the engine.
 I was thinking of making a removable add on piece for the center stand so it holds the whole bike off the ground. Better tha a milk create and strapps like I have seen used by others.