Author Topic: 1977 Yamaha sx750 Should I buy?  (Read 356 times)

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1977 Yamaha sx750 Should I buy?
« on: Sep 21, 2018, 22:13:28 »
Hey everyone!

I'm looking for my first bike and I down to work on something. I found a 1977 Yamaha xs750 for $1,300. I took it for a test drive and and it seems to run fine except it stalls when the idle gets lows. I think it will need a new master cylinder. But besides that I don't really know what I'm getting myself into. Is that a fair price for a bike that needs some work? Are these bikes pretty easy to work on, and how would this bike be for someone who is new to riding?

Any information would be helpful, I haven't committed to buying it yet.

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Re: 1977 Yamaha sx750 Should I buy?
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 This is the WANTED section of the classifieds. You should try posting in The Lounge or a different area.