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Re: Post a pic of something you made!
« Reply #10 on: Oct 11, 2018, 15:15:43 »
I've got a few things I'll toss up.
 1st is velocity stacks that mount actual air filters.
2nd is hydraulic clutch slave for an xs650
3rd is hub/rotor adapter to use a cb550 hub and ducati rotor with a zx6 big piston fork front end
And last is a tube bender using prints from this site

I did use a waterjet for part of the tube bender, and a cnc lathe for the velocity stacks.  But the others were done on an old atlas lathe and a manual mill.

Nice work. I love spending time on my south bend and manual Bridgeport, but I would put a water jet and cnc to use if I could!

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Re: Post a pic of something you made!
« Reply #11 on: Oct 11, 2018, 16:22:42 »
Thanks, I just took advantage of working at a company that built water jets, then when I changed jobs I ended up programming and running a pair of live tool lathes.  Now I have a better job, but can't run anything under the table.  Now I'm limited to an Induma mill, and the old atlas 10".  But after seeing the work bench posted earlier I need to quit waiting and build a better one.

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Re: Post a pic of something you made!
« Reply #12 on: Nov 18, 2018, 13:09:49 »
Not really "made," but I've been tinkering in solidworks after work for the last few days knocking up a hossack front end concept. Haven't done any proper linkage calcs so don't read too far into the kinematics. Also, I know belt driven steering is a bit on the sketchy side...

I'm planning on doing an actual hossack build probably next year, but it'll be all tubular steel. This is just a bit of fun.
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Re: Post a pic of something you made!
« Reply #13 on: Nov 19, 2018, 01:32:33 »
No fancy metal work or anything going on here, but I made my own damping rod holder out of 1" PVC.  I heat the end with a hot air gun until pliable, forced it over the end of the cartridge until it set and then ran it under cold water to harden it.  Then I drilled a hole through at the other end to stick a screwdriver through to help hold it in place while you loosen/tighten the bottom bolt.  Works great.  This was made for a set of 43mm standard forks.

I got the idea from another forum I'm on.