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Re: 1971 CB350 build
« Reply #10 on: Dec 04, 2018, 11:54:02 »
I do not know how technical this is but.. From experience when you are able to rock the bike back and forth it helps the gears change. Having a a chain on would allow the gears to rotate inside the transmission

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Re: 1971 CB350 build
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And I have a larger concern.  It doesn't shift out of first, as best that I can tell.  It seems to find neutral, and solidly clicks down to first, but won't shift into the upper gears.  I've been told that a chain will fix this, but I find that hard to believe.   It would really suck to have to pull that engine apart again.

These bikes won't change gears (at least not easily) unless either the back wheel (with chain) or engine is turning.
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Re: 1971 CB350 build
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Well, ok.  Confirmed. 

The source of the original info was a guy that should know, but also a guy that I don't know well.  And he's likely to get some work out of me before this project is done.  So it's good to know that he's been validated.
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Re: 1971 CB350 build
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As your shifting up into 2nd, grab the sprocket and give it a turn, it'll shift up. the transmission likes tension on the gears to click.

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Re: 1971 CB350 build
« Reply #14 on: Jan 02, 2019, 13:01:33 »
So I sent the tank out to have it chem dipped and then to a dent wizard.   I rattle-canned some primer on it just to hold over until I send everything out for paint (which could be months from now).   Over the holidays, I had hoped to get close to trying to start it, but ran into a problem.  Something wasn't right when I went to set the valve lash and decided that I needed to pull the engine and check the cam timing.   It's been 2.5 years since I rebuilt the engine and I couldn't remember the process. 

This turned into quite a project.  I tried multiple times to get the cam sprocket lined up with the LT mark on the stator, but eventually settled with this:

Just one chain link in the other direction ends up with this:

The top pic is retarded and the bottom appears to be advanced.  And the top pic seems to be closer to level with the top of the cam case, so I'm going with that.

Unfortunately, I now have to replace all of those gaskets, so all progress is halted again while I wait for parts...

Oh, the tank can be seen hanging in the background.  Stupid - I shot it with the wrong filter on my mask and then sat in that confined space for another couple of hours.  A week later and my sinuses are still a mess.
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