Author Topic: CL350 Junker Wrenching  (Read 7696 times)

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Re: CL350 Junker Wrenching
« Reply #100 on: Dec 10, 2018, 18:53:54 »
This looks pretty good to me. I feel like I could polish it up more, but from a stylistic perspective maybe that would be too much? I donít know precisely what I am making here, just following my nose....but it does seem to fit as it is. Anyone feel like paint is a must?

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Re: CL350 Junker Wrenching
« Reply #101 on: Dec 10, 2018, 19:11:02 »
I like it.
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Re: CL350 Junker Wrenching
« Reply #102 on: Dec 11, 2018, 10:51:37 »
Looking good, man.
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Re: CL350 Junker Wrenching
« Reply #103 on: Dec 13, 2018, 00:38:14 »
Thanks fellas. I completed the wiring harness today. I have the cable for the starter and the main battery ground left to tack on and itís done. The wiring was in terrible condition. I  just need to think about how best to route it now. Itís zip tied up near the mounts for the side covers at the moment, all nice and wrapped. Added a couple of fenders just to eye the line of it. I might lower it just a hair and turn the pipes slightly downward at the end. Something different, I suppose. The spokes are a hot mess. I went over the rear wheel this morning and I just donít trust them. The front was maybe a little better. Maybe. I might just have to focus on everything else and come back to those once the gift-giving is over for the year. I have the supplies to fab up a seat. That might come next after the cables, I think. Iíll need to do some side covers as well. I have a couple of sheets of aluminum diamond plate. In keeping with the theme, I thought I might bend up a couple of those. It might be a little too harsh on the eyes, though. Maybe if I shot it black? Undecided on that. I also need to paint the points cover to match the other side. I need to get the wiring up to the coils wrapped since I noticed it was grounding on the points cover. Maybe a new rubber gasket on the inside of that cover will be needed.

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Re: CL350 Junker Wrenching
« Reply #104 on: Dec 13, 2018, 13:00:49 »
I think that tank looks great as is. Heat the thing up to drive out as much moisture from the metal and then hit it with some 2K aerosol clear. Job done

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Re: CL350 Junker Wrenching
« Reply #105 on: Dec 14, 2018, 07:24:03 »
I like the fender and tank colors.........

Looks good.
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