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$120 harley turn signal relay
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Can I use my two dual-filament bulbs as turn signals as well as running and brake lights?

read this post a hundred times. I understand what is there and I'm telling you its dated. with the integrated led turn/stop/brake of today its not even needed. you don't need connectors because 20 gauge led wire does not crimp well. 20 gauge led wire solders easily to the relay. anyway if you want to know how to make your own $120 harley led turn signal relay read on.


not like mr spock. there are 3 thing going on when you turn on the signals. front turn signal, brake light and running light all need to flash on the side you are turning. the other side the brake light needs to work the running light is on and the front turn signal is off
                                            turning                    other side
front turn signal      (fts)          flash                           off
brake light              (BL)          flash                          brake
running light           (RL)          flash                            +

BS is brake switch. on the signal relay B=12v+ from the turn signal switch.  L=load=led.

welcome to thr MY3NJ HH53P DC 12V Coil 11 Pin Terminals 3PDT Power Electromagnetic relay. we can use it to flip between the two logic modes as we turn the signals on and off. one other problem, if you want to only use one flasher module you have to electrically isolate the flasher module from left to right relays. you need 2 cheapo diodes to do this. total parts two 11 Pin relays, two 1N5408 rectifier diodes. one led flasher.

the diagram is the actual relay pinout.

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