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Re: Tracker-ish cb550
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so updates are taking place at a twice-a-year pace right now, haha.  got a rare weekend with nothing going on a saturday, so i started work on my shock mounts.  the swinger i'm using is off a monoshock cbr500, but i wanted to keep a more classic look and run twin rears, so modifying the swinger a bit seemed to be the next step.  plus i scored a super nice pair of koni's a few months ago for an unbelievable price, so i couldn't wait to use them!
i decided to cut the mounts off of my old cb550 swinger and weld them in place on the cbr arm.  thankfully both were made of steel, so that made things easy for a novice welder like myself. 
turned out great, with one hitch...you'd think for having done nothing but stare and thoughtfully deliberate how i was going to go about things since march, i would've taken most things into consideration when finally going about the work.  wrong, haha.  i planned and marked out the shock mount locations perfectly square, straight, and even, only to realize once i mounted it back on the frame with the shocks that the swinger was not manufactured perfectly symmetrical.  the left side kicks out a bit more to account for sprocket and chain clearance, i suppose.  after staring at it for so long, i cant believe i missed it till today.  but once the shocks were mounted, it was a dead giveaway when the top of the right shock was 1" away from the frame, while the left one measured 1 1/2".  at least the mounts are only tacked in place! 
i also changed my mind on the tank.  i've been looking for an dt250/400 tank for a couple years, but they are always much more than i care to pay, or they show up for a decent price when i'm a little tight on my motorcycle budget.  anyhow, this one popped up for $80 shipped, and although it was completely covered in surface rust, it is almost perfectly straight, which is pretty rare for any dirt/trail bike.  there are two or three very tiny dings that will fix easy.  and the surface rust sanded off no problem.  i'll get to painting it up at some point. 

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