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Re: Dirtbag Challenge cb360
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these pics taken at idle with no battery. could not figure out how to imbed a slideshow but the signals work perfectly.

exactly I didn't rewire this antique in a modern way with an sql40a rectifer 3 phase rectifier, nor did I make the shunt regulator.

exactly I won't post any more.

do not do what I do. wire your honda twin this way.

everyone please forget about the white stator wire it's not a phase, ac does not come out of it and it does not need to be rectified.

  I hope you'll still continue to post.  It's awesome that you figured out that you can wire a single phase alternator with a 3 phase rectifier.  Those wire colors I posted are how most of the aftermarket solid state and mosfet regulator/rectifiers are wired.  That was not meant to indicate the colors in the Honda harness.   The Honda harness has yellow, white, pink, green and red/white for the regulator and rectifier.