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Re: 81 GS450S
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Wow, it's come pretty far.  You should call it "The Black Ironing Board"  :)
I had the same issues with flooding the carbs.  I chased it around for a while and it turned out to be a bad petcock.  Drain the oil and see if you've got gas in there.  Don't keep trying to start it until you know for sure.  If' you've stripped and dipped the carbs and cleaned out every little passage, there's no carb-related reason you shouldn't idle (assuming you have air and spark).  Keep at it and report back.  Also, make sure to check the valve clearances.

I'm almost positive I did it by tightening the air screws.  They were 4 or 5 turns out and I screwed them back in to 2 turns.  Then I flooded it.  Then I killed my old battery by cranking it.  I'll try again today.  I had it running before I broke it down.  I stripped and dipped the carbs.  It's got new oil.  I don't think it'll be too hard to get it going again.

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Re: 81 GS450S
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Finally finished her.



Here's an album of pics taken throughout the build:

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Re: 81 GS450S
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Lookin good! Where did you get the Allen screw set for the motor?  I have a 81 gs550 and want to give it the same treatment

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Re: 81 GS450S
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What size Shinkos are you running?