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sportster featherbed frame kits
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Sportster Featherbed
Hi all.
Firstly i would like to thank all those who have registered an interest in the Harley sportster featherbed frame kits, which we are developing. And also to thank you for your patience.

After a lot of drawings and mock ups using small diameter tube we have settled on a final design.

The frame will take the form of a Norton slimline frame, made from bt45 tubing, which will have strength and lightness, we estimate that just the frame less swingarm will weigh in at 12.5 kgs, a considerable saving over the standard sportster frame.

A short top tube will be added from the headstock, this will add rigidity.
Oil will be stored in the main frame tubes, with the filler situated in the extra top tube, with a sight tube on one of the down tubes to check oil level, the oil capacity will be slightly more than a sportster, and the frame will provide better cooling for the oil.

The brit style centre oil tank will now house the battery and some electrics instead.

Initially, the headstocks used will be machined to accept standard sportster front ends. However press in bearing cups will be available if you desire to fit a different front end.

Swingarm will be made here and will be a box section design. Complete with swingarm bushes, the belt adjusters and wheel spindle mounts.

Fuel tanks will be a choice of 5 or 3.5 gallon manx in ali or grp. Plus the more curvaceous sprint tank. The manx tanks will have an option of conventional monza style filler or aero style.
There will also be a purpose made seat/tail unit.
The finished frame will allow you to drop a sportster engine straight in and use many of your existing parts.

Frame build will start within 2 weeks and from the start to completion there will be constant up dates and pictures, these will be placed on the website in the relevant section.
Those of you who have registered interest via email will be sent the same information but may receive more pics than those placed on the website.

If you would like to register interest please go to this link and follow the instructions on there.

thank you for your time.
Best Regards from the team.

Tony (frame builder )
Paul (frame builder/engineer/developement)
Steve (frame builder and humper of married women)
Wynne (marketing/research/grp)
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