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    Vintage forks with progressive springs, still not enough

    Make sure you have the right spacers for the forks. I recall at least Wilbers used to ship them with very different (i.e. longer) spacers. Also you had to state your weight and they would match the springs for you.
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    Longer intake runners vs stock bolted carb to head Q's

    Regarding the Dell'ortos: The old (German) TR1 racing crowd is split 2/3 to 1/3. The bigger group thinks they are the best thing since sliced bread and quite frankly there's some pretty good recipes out there from Sepp and the others , which will get you to a bike that runs a lot better than...
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    Longer intake runners vs stock bolted carb to head Q's

    Yes, the taper they have on the air-screws is stupidly steep... but it's the same problem on the VM38s, which is why I adjusted them with a wideband - just too heavy handed to make them work decently any other way.
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    Vintage forks with progressive springs, still not enough

    Add the correct springs, check the pre-load? TR1 forks, if anything, are very much on the stiff side with progressive springs, if I am honest...
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    Longer intake runners vs stock bolted carb to head Q's

    That is quite a long intake for this engine and carb combo. It will work, because large displacement fourstrokes are stubborn beasts, i.e. they create a lot of vacuum at low rpms anyway. Are those the 43 or 47mm OD TM38s? If they are the 43mm carbs, you could go with VM38-200 inlet rubbers and...
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    "A Bird in the Hand" take 2. DR650 Deadtail Bobber

    Absolutely love this.
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    Nannos Hotrod Turbo TR1.1 (XV1000)

    Let's just say the last three years included a move, two sidecar builds, finishing a degree at uni and lots of other stuff, but: or a bit more obvious Guess you'll read a bit more about it in the near...
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    Ton up SR250: 100mph, 100kg, 30hp

    I haven't noticed anything rust-related in any of my fuelt tanks, so from an engineering viewpoint I totally agree, in practice I wasn't able to witness any conclusive results though...
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    Ton up SR250: 100mph, 100kg, 30hp

    Ethanol is your friend. Your new best friend. A friend with benefits so to speak. Its knock-retention capabilities vastly outclass all the compounds that were before it. Ethanol itself is not much a problem if you drain your carb(s) once you plan to park the bike longer than a week or so. (I...
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    CB350 / Velorex 562 Sidehack Project for the Boy

    Do yourself a favour, especially with a bike, which in comparison to what the Velorex was designed for is so powerful and convert the mounts to ball-head clamps and the rear mount to a sliding mount inside the frame tube. (Design was intended for a 12 to 18hp motorcycle...)
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    Ton up SR250: 100mph, 100kg, 30hp

    Hahaha, you flyweight - there's a reason, why I am tuning XV1000s with similar ideas. *cough* trying to get below 90 again... (but also slightly bigger) Btw.: Fell over your 95 vs. 98 question - I personally aim to be able to run an engine on 95, because if you get into knock-territory, you can...
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    EGLI frame, TR1 engine, build from scratch

    Mr. Loek, from one TR1 engine builder to another... why go with the XV1100 crank and modify it, if you could have gone with a BT/XVS11 crank? Works look superb, regarding the 100mm pistons... lovely work, especially the hemi-conversion of the heads.
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    Ton up SR250: 100mph, 100kg, 30hp

    Personally I think those Chinese carbs aren't too bad. But a wideband AFR and a dyno (or at least which you can drive up and down 100 times to check against the changes you just made), will come in very handy. Also there's unbranded Chinese carbs, which I would stay away from and then there's...
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    Project Panther - Yamaha XS850

    Guess we all tend to go to the same places...
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    Kawasaki Z1000 Turbo Reborn

    Maybe we should actually revive it... Not really feeling at home here or on brand-specific forums and the different ideas were always very inspiring.
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