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  1. Speedfiend

    The Meltdown Vintage Motorcycle Show 2017

    April 29 in Hendersonville NC A ride in bike show. Bikes bands, beer, trophies and we are giving away a '71 Triumph Bonneville.
  2. Speedfiend

    The Meltdown 2016 Raffle Bike '71 BSA

    That's right! Ton Up Highlands is giving away a custom 71 BSA to someone at the Meltdown. Must be present to win. We will be selling only 500 tickets at $20 pr. No limit on how many you can buy. Pre sells will be up on our site soon. Here's what we are started with. A 71 BSA Firebird Scrambler...
  3. Speedfiend

    Meltdown 2014 April 26 Hendersonville NC and on fb
  4. Speedfiend

    Some pics from The (soggy) Meltdown

    Big, huge thanks to all the dedicated souls that braved the awful weather and came out for the show. We had an amazing turn out, considering the dreadful conditions. It was great to see more than a few DTT'rs there. Hope to see even more of you next time (under sunnier skies)
  5. Speedfiend

    The Meltdown 2013

    Come on out!
  6. Speedfiend

    Closer to the Hedge

  7. Speedfiend

    Classic Bike BBQ -Hendersonville NC

    My old man annual open house BBQ is this Sunday. Its pretty low key. Its free. Show up, hang out. He normally has 100-150 bikes, mostly vintage. Last year we had a few DTT''rs. Would love to see more this year. If any of ya'll made The Meltdown, you'll recognize a few bikes. And I'd love to talk...
  8. Speedfiend

    Pics from the first annual Meltdown

    We had an awesome turn out for our first event! Thanks to everyone for bringing out some rad bikes. We had about 130 bikes in the show. All killer, no filler. Every bike in that lot was bad ass. And we had twice that outside the gate, cool stuff, but too new for our show. I can't find a pic of...
  9. Speedfiend

    Attn NC, SC, TN & GA !!! Vintage Bike/ Cafe Show

    Some friends and I are putting this together. Should be fun. Hope to see ya'll there. Contact me for more info. We're still looking for more sponsors/vendors. If you've got a shop or even a hobby buisness and would like to particapate, we'd love to have you.
  10. Speedfiend

    Speedfiends Camper Redo

    The wife and I just bought this '60 FAN Travel trailer Co. Luxery Liner. The name sounds nice, regretably the camper is a little rough, actualy shit hole might be closer. Water damage, broken windows, missing stuff etc. But it was CHEAP! And the alloy skin is in great shape. I literally...
  11. Speedfiend

    Speedfiend's build collection

    Here's a few of the bikes I've built ( I apoligize for this offense, but it was '98, and I was only 18. ) And my current build. I've got a few more that I'm trying to find pics. Hope you enjoy. Thanks for looking.
  12. Speedfiend

    Custom shift knobs

    Hey guys, I gotta raise some cash to keep my hard tail progect going. So I'm selling these shift knobs that I make. The masters are hand carved original designs and the are cast in durable polyester resin.They are made per order, but it only takes 1-2 days to cast, finish, package and drop in...
  13. Speedfiend

    Bull City Rumble MvR, Post your pics!

    Had a great time. Unfortunatly, I was only able to attend Saturday. They had a great turn-out. Lots of cool bikes and great folks. I snapped a few shots, but then got wrappped up in drink and conversation and forgot all about the camara. There were some rad Brit bikes, but I already know most of...
  14. Speedfiend

    Speedy's Triumph Hardtail build

    My intent with this one is to build the most functional, usable Triumph hardtail that I can. And to do it with only Triumph parts. Just my thing, but I don't care for sporty tanks or Jap front ends on a Brit bike. I've been collecting some choice pieces for this build, and I've finanly got...
  15. Speedfiend

    My '62 Galaxie

    This is our Galaxie, Lord Dark Helmet. When we got the car for about two years, it was completely original. One owner,matching #'s, original paint, a well kept car. Came with a box full of reggi cards and oil change reciepts. Even the original purchase order from Greer Ford in SC. But, I...
  16. Speedfiend

    Antique Bikes on Main, Chesnee SC They always have a good turn out. Plus, its FREE.
  17. Speedfiend

    Some pics from BIBR

    There were a ton of bikes at this year British in the Blueridge. More Commandos and Bonnivilles than you could count. Prolly half a dozen Vincents and more than a few Goldies. And alot of oily frame A65's too. But ya'll know what those look like. Heres a few of the more interesting bikes. I...
  18. Speedfiend

    Shift knobs

    I make these, mostly to amuse myself at work. The masters are carved from modeling clay. Then I make a silicone mold, and cast the parts from resin. then hand paint. I'm not trying to sell them. I make them for friends. just wanted to show you guys. I working on a few other...
  19. Speedfiend

    Some pics from my Pops openhouse/BBQ

    We had a great turn out for our annual picnic. Even had a couple of DTT'ers show up! There were a ton of cool bikes, unfortunatly, I didn't remember to start taking pics till the end of the day. I did get some of the cool stuff though. Heres a few shots;
  20. Speedfiend

    Classic Bike BBQ in Western NC,

    You guys are all invited to my pops annual open house/ BBQ. Its this Sun, the 29. Starts about noon. We normally have 100+ bikes. Mostly vintage. Some choppers and cafes. Admission, food and games are free. Please donate to cover costs if you have a good time. Its at Broadway Triumph. 504...
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