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  1. sprocket2cog

    5 Minute Fix for the older rear brake setup on the ACE

    5 MINUTE FIX talking about the back brakes got me thinking again how to make the back drum better on the older aces with out too much fuss. so with that in mind i applied some high school physics to the problem and have come up with a 5 min fix for the stock brakes on the early ace. You will...
  2. sprocket2cog

    Honda OEM fuel cap

    Ive managed to find a honda fuel cap that fits the bike, took a few weeks of searching part numbers and measuring sizes etc until i found "the one".. the magic number for the non locking fuel cap is 17620-402-010 surprisingly it isnt actually listed for the honda CG models it fits alot of...
  3. sprocket2cog

    fixing tight sidecover clips once and for all.

    After a few frustrating goes to take the side covers off without snapping the tabs off while working on the bike I figured it was about time i made a permanent fix in stead of grease and a blunt screw driver. Itook the side covers off and filed the little wedge on the tab down to half its...
  4. sprocket2cog

    Blowing Globes at high rpm

    Well i noticed this week that my low beam, park light and speedo light were all out at the same time, i was dreading having to trouble shoot bad wiring but when i stuck the multimeter on it all was fine with no shorts and power to all the sockets. i chucked some new globes in and they all work...
  5. sprocket2cog

    Horizontal mounted Oil cooler kit fitting

    i just finished fitting the chinese oil cooler kit to the front of the frame on the ace and thought i would share the bracket plan and fitting tips. the oil cooler came from china via aliexpress and the oil gauge kit i also fitted came from ebay as well as the aluminium sheet if you cant find...
  6. sprocket2cog

    Ace Art

    Been mucking around with colours for the ace and thought i would share with you guys, anyone who also has any art of the ace feel free to post as well, lets see if we can get a collection going. .
  7. sprocket2cog

    Valve Timing Duration??

    trying to work out how many degrees of timing the valves are open for. any ideas ?
  8. sprocket2cog

    Start your engines, its time to go racing.

    For those living in OZ who are interested in racing, i just happened across this page that says the skyteam ace is now allowed to compete in the bucket racing class :D
  9. sprocket2cog

    leaking fuel cap fix? and stale fuel smells's

    so while cleaning the bike the other day i could still smell stale fuel coming from it. I had previously found fuel was running down the centre of the tank when the cap leaked and running under the seat. So i had a look around and noticed that fuel was pooled in the black rubber strip that runs...
  10. sprocket2cog

    Removing rear wheel cush drive's

    been searching for an easy way to remove the cush drives from the rear wheel and came across this video. they give a harbour frieght number , but if you search for blind bearing puller on flea bay you will find the same thing. just not sure on the collet size for the ace drives...
  11. sprocket2cog

    1960 Italian fairing ?

    I just snagged this for myself on ebay, the listing said it is a NOS 1960 fairing for small ducatis . anyone have an idea what the style is called or links to images of bikes with similar fairings would be great. This one will be going on the ace when it arrives from spain.
  12. sprocket2cog

    Stainless headers from oo racing

    just saw oo racing has released a new header in stainless for £59.99 its on their facebook page but not on the sales site yet quote-" Ace 125 stainless D CAT front pipe now in stock 32mm bore 35mm O/D 1.5mm wall can be cut down to suit. Price £59.99"
  13. sprocket2cog

    ROBOCOP motorcycle helmet coming soon from a future near you.

    this motorcycle helmet is coming out as a consumer helmet first in about 8months or so so the money raised can fund a "Robocop" police helmet from the future, this is cool !! and its an aussie design, i know its not really cafe, but man its cool ..
  14. sprocket2cog

    La Bestia

    cool cast aluminium in a lot of cases not sure what frame and engine is in it. heres one of it doing burnouts.
  15. sprocket2cog

    Skyteam ACE 125 drawing

    Just knocked up a pic of my skyteam ace and thought i would post it up.
  16. sprocket2cog

    Royal Enfield Continental GT 535

    just found this online and figured it was worth putting up as its the most info ive seen on the 535 since its first showing at the auto shows. Claimed top speed over 150kph means with a bit of work it may do the ton. new double cradle frame, 15 kg lighter all round (rumor) lighter flywheel. and...
  17. sprocket2cog

    600 cc honda CB "W" motor

    I follow a few Indonesian cafe racer groups on facebook and am blown away by the workmanship this guy does with a lot less tools and CNC machines then we have access to. he makes V twin and W motors from honda CB parts. what can you say, pictures speak louder then words...
  18. sprocket2cog

    Silver 1970 style jacket find

    found this great silver jacket with cloth patches down at the local second hand store, couldnt leave it there . and it fits over my leather jacket so even better :)
  19. sprocket2cog

    Skyteam Ace 125

    Ive just got myself a New Skyteam ace 125, its a Chinese knock off of the 1980's Honda dream 50. ill leave it stock for a while but have the intention of breathing a bit more fire into it in a few months, i have found an upgrade kit for it from ooracing in the UK...
  20. sprocket2cog

    Triple Cylinder Half Radial CB 600 from three cb200's

    One of the guys i follow on facebook is the owner of owner of Semangat putra motor (Purwokerto-Indonesia) and does these wild engine mods to turn them into a half radial triple 600 cc using three heads and cylinders from cb200 hondas. The cases have extensiveness modificationsand handmade pipes...
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