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    Bedlam Werks Hosts Classes

    This week we start hosting FREE classes on motorcycle maintenance. The subject for our first class, which starts tonight at 7pm and is WOMEN's ONLY, is oil changes! We will be hosting men's classes as welll, our first one of which begins Thursday night. We want to encourage motorcycle safety and...
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    Bedlam Werks does Barber Vintage Festival 2015

    Hey! So a couple weeks ago we attended Barber Vintage Festival for the third year in a row. Each year brings something new and each year seems more awesome from the last (If that's even possible). If you couldn't make it this time around, or if you could and you want to relive a few moments...
  3. BedlamWerks

    Bedlam Werks Custom Metal Work

    Hey guys! I wanted to post an update on what we've been up to since Barber. Here is a video of one of our owners and top metal fabricators, Travis Christopher, discussing some of his process and his latest work on a custom CBX tank. Check it out!
  4. BedlamWerks

    Bedlam Werks Motorcycle Co Op Grand Opening in Athens GA!

    Hey guys. I've made a couple posts on here about our new shop. We have expanded and moved to a new building which will be Athens, GA's only community motorcycle co op. I can't say how excited we are about this. The co op, housed within our 10,000sq ft building includes a custom bike shop...
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    MotoRevolution is opening in Athens, Georgia!

    Hey guys. It's been a while since I've posted anything because we have been in the midst of a big project! Bedlam Werks has partnered up with local mechanic shop, Dirty Engineering, and moved to a new building! On August 1st, we endured the scorching heat and loaded up all of our equipment...
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    Bedlam Werks and Boxer Works Athens Bike Night

    Hey All! If anyone is in or around Athens, GA this weekend, we will be hosting our monthly Wheels and Wings bike night along with Boxer Works. It will take place at Kumquat Mae, a cafe and bar with a killer outdoor patio. The weather is supposed to be hot be they will be running $1.50 specials...
  7. BedlamWerks

    Roar on the Shore

    Is anyone going to Roar on the Shore this year or has been previously? Bedlam Werks will be in Ohio for the AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days July 10-12. We heard about this event and thought we might plan to do both since they are close together. If anyone has been or plans to go let me know! I'm...
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    Bike Night in Athens, Georgia Tonight!

    If any members in or nearby the Athens area would like to join Bedlam Werks and friends for our Bikes at the Bottleworks bike night, it starts at 5pm tonight at Hendershots Coffee, located at 237 Prince Ave, Athens, GA, 30606. Follow the link for the event page: We will most...
  9. BedlamWerks

    Bedlam Werks Custom Cafe Racers

    We are a custom motorcycle shop in Athens, GA that makes seat pans and parts out of 3003 .090 aluminum. If you want a nice final touch on your build projec,t our seats are durable and lightweight and last a lot longer than fiber glass. Our standard designs fit onto CB550 and CB750. We also do...
  10. BedlamWerks

    Bedlam Werks Seats and Photos

    Hey guys. A while back I posted some of our custom aluminum seat pans designs, and have gotten a lot of requests to see photos of them on full builds. I've compiled a few of pictures to give a better idea each style and how it looks on the bikes. Check it out...
  11. BedlamWerks

    Iron and Clematis 2015

    Hey guys. I just posted a blog of our experience at the Iron and Clematis Vintage Festival last month in West Palm Beach Florida. Check it out! Anyone else in attendance? Would love to hear about it! "February this year was the kickoff for events that we will be participating in and hosting in...
  12. BedlamWerks

    How to Build a Custom Gas Tank

    Hey Guys. For all you metal workers out there, or those who wanna give it a shot, I have put together an instructional guide to building a custom gas tank out of aluminum. The photos in this post are of a custom Kawasaki Ninja we made at our shop. I'm posting the full guide here, but feel free...
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    New Bedlam Werks build: 1999 Yamaha XT600

    Our shop is starting a new build on a 1999 Yamaha XT 600. Just wanted to introduce the build and share a little of our design process. Let me know what you think - More info to come later. Update: Here is the new link to our build progress -...
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    Custom motorcycle shop in Athens, GA

    I'm a little late in my member intro... My name is Jessie and I'm taking over the forum as my company rep after an extended absence. We are a custom motorcycle parts shop based out of Athens, Georgia. All of our work is hand fabricated in house out of aluminum. We make parts for any type of bike...
  15. BedlamWerks

    Metal Fab Seat Pan Instructions

    If anyone is considering doing their own metal fab work on their bike, we have written a step by step guide about our construction process for one of our aluminum cafe racer seat pans. Happy to share and discuss! Here is the link to the blog post:
  16. BedlamWerks

    Aluminum Cafe Racer Seat Pans for Sale

    We are a custom motorcycle shop in Athens, GA that makes aluminum seat pans and parts. If you want a nice final touch on a build project our seats are durable and lightweight and last a lot longer than fiber glass. Our standard designs fit onto CB550 and CB750 and we also do custom fitment...
  17. BedlamWerks

    1976 CB 550 build

    Hi, We just finished up our first build, and I was hoping for some feedback. We customized the frame, fabricated the seat pan and tank, and did some performance mods and lightened it up. You can see some pictures and read a more detailed description of what we did to the bike at Bedlam...
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