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    Manifold to tire clearance.

    What is an acceptable distance between the exhaust manifold and the front tire? I converted to a zx9 front fork and wheel on my kz750r1 and the front wheel has changed quite a bit. The old wheel I had was a 19 inch front. Had a 110 width and a either 60 or 70 profile tire on it. My new front...
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    Dime city cycles Lucas European tail light. This is exactly what I have, brand new. Never installed it. $5 + shipping and it's yours.
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    An odd one. 82 kz750r1.

    Well, starting a thread. I obtained my first motorcycle in February of 2012. It was a 77kz650 4. It ran poorly, I decided to turn it into a project and bit off more than I could chew. It was a learning process that's for sure. By dumb luck a few months later I picked up a 83 gpz550 for nearly...
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    Someone look over my simple wiring please? 750 content*

    I'm working on a 82 kz750 four and trying to get thee simplest wiring possible so I can have it running to work out all the bugs and running issues. This is what I have so far. Any input would greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    77 kz650/81 gpz550

    Hey all. I'm Cooper. I live in Longmont Colorado. Last March I picked up my first motorcycle. Found a 1977 kz650 on craigslist that "was running....a few months ago" I'm sure we all know how that goes. It was a mess. I didn't even bother trying to make it run. Stripped it from the get go. I'll...
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    Yoshimura exhaust

    2 piece Yoshimura exhaust. Was removed from a Kawasaki gz550. Not certain what else it will fit. No dents. Aside from a few scuffs here, I'd almost say it doesn't even appear to be used. in terrific condition. not sure how much it goes for. make an offer
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    77 kz650 simplified wiring

    Currently does not have a wiring harness. I need to start from scratch. Looking to do kick start only. Simple as it gets. Any advice/pictures/diagrams? Thanks!
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    77' kz650

    Hey all, figured I'd do a quick introduction. My name is Cooper, and I just picked up my first motorcycle. I know I know, amateur hour. Anyways. It's a 77 kz650. Bought it on the cheap a couple nights ago. To be blunt, condition is utter shite. The tank is all dented. Previous owner didn't seem...
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