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  1. SrgtBear

    84 GPZ750 Oil Sump & Oil Cooler (will fit KZ650)

    I bought this for my KZ650 rebuild but found a Lockhart Oil Cooler along the way and never used it. The sump was hard to find and had it shipped from overseas. Black paint has been stripped. It will bolt on to a KZ650 seamlessly. You'll just need to build a bracket to mount the oil cooler to...
  2. SrgtBear

    Vin Sticker Reproduction

    I photoshopped up a template of my vin sticker that I pulled off before powder coating. Other than asking FedEx Kinkos is there a specialty place that prints non-fade adhesive laminated stickers. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. SrgtBear

    Brand new 1983 Kawasaki (KZ1100 GPZ) - $5000 Not my post. A rare condition find. Looks sweet.
  4. SrgtBear

    Wanted - GPZ 750 Oil Pan w/o Oil Cooler

    I need a GPZ 750 Oil Pan (82 and above) Part Number: 49034-1018 If you have the oil cooler with it that would be preferred.
  5. SrgtBear

    Need Help: 64mm pistons in a 65mm bore?

    Need help: Someone bored out my head to fit 65mm pistons. I broke a piston and it looks like they don't make the 65mm pistons anymore. What are my options? 79 KZ650 EBay a new head? Put new sleeves in? Put 64mm pistons in?
  6. SrgtBear

    RESTORE Engine Restorer & Lubricant - ?

    Has anyone used this stuff? I watched a few videos that restored substantial compression back to the cylinders. However, on the can it says "If you have a wet clutch motorcycle do not add this to your oil, instead call us because there is another way of using it" Yet, they don't tell me how...
  7. SrgtBear

    75 Yamaha XS500B Parts

    See items in link: - Tank, Gas Gap, & Petcocks already spoken for. PM me with questions.
  8. SrgtBear

    UPDATE 12/17: TX/XS500 CV Carb Tuning - Overheating Question

    Scenario: 75 Yamaha XS500 CV Carbs, Timing set with light, carbs synced, upjetted main jet. Overheats in city stop and go traffic. Short stop, backroad cruising, occasional red light it is fine. Frequent stop lights and stop signs starts to overheat. Anyone an expert at tuning a Yamaha...
  9. SrgtBear

    Decipher Compression Test Results

    79 KZ650 4-Cylinders Dry and Wet Test -1- -2- -3- -4- 100 135 110 125 - Dry (PSI) 150 145 150 165 - Wet (PSI) I'm looking for input. Based in my assumptions and what I've read in the service manual the piston rings needs to be replaced. Valve clearances have measured and they...
  10. SrgtBear

    79 Kawasaki KZ650 - 8 minute video, 282 West, Pennsylvania

    I have to admit I really lucked out lately finding this bikes on the cheap. First my XS500 for $200, and now this 79 Kawasaki KZ650 for $500. Found sitting in a shed for the last 10 years. No pitting on forks, mostly original, seat enacted with no holes in it. Only some minor rust and patina...
  11. SrgtBear

    79 Kawasaki KZ650 - Anyone have any experience?

    Hey, It's been sometime since I have been active on this site after completing my XS500 Cafe. I recently just found and purchased a 1979 Kawasaki KZ650 and I am pretty excited to start a new project. The bike is 100% there and is only missing the stock airbox. Does anyone have a experience...
  12. SrgtBear

    My XS500 on BikeEXIF! Plugged DTT

    I've done it! Very excited about this write up! See link: I couldn't thank you guys enough. Dotheton was surely mentioned. Sincerely, Ted Cichocki
  13. SrgtBear

    Glass packing a muffler - How to?

    I have 2 Emgo Shorty Reverse Cone Mufflers. A little too loud for my liking. Anyone experienced with fiberglass packing mufflers? I never tried it so I need some points, tips, or suggestions on how to do it properly. Thanks.
  14. SrgtBear

    XS500 - Safe Engine Cylinder Temp - Now 340F then stall at idle.

    I was riding my bike around the other day. Thought it was overheating because it was stalling twice out after 10 miles. Needless to say it was actually my carbs falling out of their engine flang, but I felt the engine getting a little hot and smelt the wrinkle paint cooking a bit. I used an...
  15. SrgtBear

    Bug Juice

    Bug Juice in my clearcoat. It's like a scene out of Jurassic Park. I guess this little guy was dieing to be park of my bike. So now he can and be well preserved at the same time.
  16. SrgtBear

    My unpopular XS500 just became more popular. (Photo)

    Rare Government use of the Yamaha XS500 is numbers. Country "unknown" but someone who shared this with me suggested it was in Ireland.
  17. SrgtBear

    XS500 Tank Work - Stock to Finish (primed)

    Here is a little preview of what a plastic mallet, bondo, and lots of sandpaper can do. I should probably add labor to the mix too. Stock Tank: Hammered in sides: Bondo in progress: Finished w/primer:
  18. SrgtBear

    Name that Bike! ..or what it has become...

    I'll let you guys guess first. Then I will reveal the answer, but I am pretty sure somebody knows already.
  19. SrgtBear

    Steering Damper - How to install?

    I found some nice links on the parts needed to install a steering damper. MikesXS has damper and fork bracket but I have a question. Where is the other part suppose to mount? Ive seen pics of some mounted to the frame and some mounted to the middle of the trees. That just confuses me and...
  20. SrgtBear - Looks interesting.

    Came across this via the interweb. Looked interesting enough to share. Airbrushing - Air Sick Stencils Review
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