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    1979 CB750L. My first cafe/brat project. Denver Area

    Hello from Longmont! Motor is looking good!
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    1983 Kawasaki GPZ 550

    I feel like you might already know this, but if there isn't a conversion bearing option you might be able to go the route of pressing the gpz steering stem in zx10r lower triple tree. My kz750r1 is using a zx9r upper and lower yokes with a kz steering stem. If the zx10r steering stem is smaller...
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    project gsx400e caferacer dad&son

    Love the way this thing looks.
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    1974 CB360 - first bike/build

    There's something to be said for correct tools. Stud extractors work SO well. It could have broken off flush with end of the fork. :-X
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    Manifold to tire clearance.

    What is an acceptable distance between the exhaust manifold and the front tire? I converted to a zx9 front fork and wheel on my kz750r1 and the front wheel has changed quite a bit. The old wheel I had was a 19 inch front. Had a 110 width and a either 60 or 70 profile tire on it. My new front...
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    '84 GPZ550 Brat Build

    Love the gpz550's. Really makes me wish I would have finished/kept mine. Nice to see the zx6 headers are a direct bolt on. Those gsxr forks look right at home on there too.
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    1974 CB360 - first bike/build

    Kinda sounds like something wasn't quite prepped right if the paint kept running on him. Can't say he didn't try, 3 times over I would have had enough too. :o Coming along nicely!
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    An odd one. 82 kz750r1.

    I constructed a tail light from the polycarbonate I had. I have it spaced off the seat pan enough to have it back-lit with leds. It is certainly different from the normal idea of "tail light", but should be plenty functional. Still have lots of other things to deal with on the bike. We're moving...
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    CB250 RS - Project "Phoenix"

    Great lines to it. That tank just works spot on.
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    An odd one. 82 kz750r1.

    I’m so offended ::) ;D
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    An odd one. 82 kz750r1.

    A r1 forum member said the best option is to order a few extra cells, and use the most balanced cells of the group. Care to share what specific battery you're using and the dimensions of it? I know I'll need the special hobby-style balancing charger for when the bike is put away. Not a problem...
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    An odd one. 82 kz750r1.

    Exploring battery options. I was planning on building an a123 systems lifeP04 battery. But the a123 company is no longer, and they seem to be drying up. I came across a different brand of lifeP04 battery on ebay and it seems like they would be a great solution. Run 4 of them in a series, 12.8...
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    My CB400f Supersport project

    That's a great color choice, has a dramatic change with different light. I actually went with nardo grey for my frame. Had a hard time deciding between that, nimbus, or suzuka.
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    Yamaha XV750

    Re: 81 XV750 Cafe Brat Fighter Street Tracker That number plate light set up is pretty rowdy. Digging this
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    Gs550 Scrambler

    Good work on those exhaust and fender brackets. Going to guess that those were tig welded?
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    New Age Cafe Racer - Honda CB750 -79 from Finland

    That last exhaust picture you posted. AutoFabrica right? They build some great looking bikes. Love the project so far!
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    An odd one. 82 kz750r1.

    On another note, acquired this for free from a customer through the shop I work at. He described it as "the community trailer park bike that got parked in my shed one winter 15 years ago". Obviously no title. I believe it's a 1972 Yamaha 175cc Ct2. It kicks over, sounds like it has compression...
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    An odd one. 82 kz750r1.

    Thank you!
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    An odd one. 82 kz750r1.

    Re: An odd one. 82 kz750r1. Brat cafe. Had to replace a headlight on a customers 2007 Audi a4 due to autoleveling/high-beam actuator failure. Gotta love permanently integrated part failure. I disassembled said junk and took the projector assembly out and grafted it in. Still need to round up...
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    DR800 Big single thumper

    The previous de-tabbing "fix"...oh my! :o Also...just went and read through the hole tr1 build. Excuse my language, but holy shit! The before and after of that is massively impressive.
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