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    78 KZ400B1 Scrambler To Be

    July 2014, ugh I cannot believe it has been 3 years, I bought a basket case 1978 KZ400 with a little over 17K original miles from a 17yo local kid who had bought it as his first bike to be a cafe project. It had run but he tore down the top end to fix some oil leaks and never got around to...
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    Wiring diagram for one type of Ebay universal handlebar controls

    I figured I'd try out out a set of one of the cheap universal handlebar controls sold on Ebay. I went for a set that had aluminum housing rather than plastic and was shipped from someone in the US (they're still made in China, just didn't want to wait forever for shipping). And I didn't want a...
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    Rust Revival at Queen City (Cincinnati) Mods and Rockers

    I met Logan and Amanda at the Queen City Mods and Rockers event today. I agree with everything that has been said about them before... they are good people. And their T-shirts rock, the wife and I both got one. Thanks for the support for our rally Rust Revival and I hope you come back next year!
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    76 KZ400 "Grimy"

    I figured it was about time to post my thread here to share and track my progress. I picked up my first bike (new rider too) a little over a year ago in May of 2011. It looked like this when I unloaded it and rolled it into my garage. My wife was less than pleased at the "hunk of shit" in her...
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    Some good looking Cincinnati/Dayton Craigslist bikes for those looking

    I know there are a couple of local guys looking. These two bikes showed up on Dayton Craigslist in the last couple of days. 1975 Honda CB175, 8100 original miles - $650, says that it runs and rides like new... Beautiful, beautiful bike - I...
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    New Project: DiggerDan's 1976 KZ400

    About a month ago I joined the site and said "I don't have a bike yet, but I'm looking!". Well, one finally found me and took me up on my offer to live in my garage. I picked up a 1976 KZ400 D3 last Thursday with about 14K miles on it. She's kinda ugly right now and pretty grimy but she's got...
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    Getting title for missing/untitled bike in Ohio

    I did a search for anything already covering this in Ohio and Cincinnati forums but didn't see anything. I've read that states can be different... Up to this point I've avoided even looking at any bikes where the owner doesn't have the title, but because of that there have been a few decent...
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