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  1. Kemp

    vintage race CB350 - last 10% is the hardest

    What are the dimensions of your 2-1 exhaust. I've developed one for the CB350 but I'm still working on tuning the midrange using Mikuni VM30 carbs. What jets are you using as your pipe seems to take throttle well I'm using a 2-1 system with 22" x1.5" headers leading into a merge collector that...
  2. Kemp

    Honda CB466F Barely Legal Track Bike "Goldie"

    Absolutely beautiful work, can't wait to see the results of the dyno run. That exhaust looks really good, reminds me of the Yoshima with the equal length, smooth gradual bends. What a nice bike, your attention to the smallest detail is amazing.
  3. Kemp


    With the CB500 you have to be careful as the top crankcase is designed to fit the sleeve size of the 500. That is why you can't simply put the barrel from a CB550 onto a CB500, the sleeves are too big. There were aftermarket kits made for the CB500 that took them to 572cc, 591cc and 600cc but...
  4. Kemp

    DO THE TON Mama Tried #8!! Oct 6-8, 2017 in the Dirty South

    Gonna miss Barber and you Dotheton lot once again. Lots of Canucks heading down from Toronto way; Drewski Bros, Breslin, Canellos, Haggerty, Fischer, the Admin & family. Should be a real blast! My best wishes for a great time goes out to all the Dotheton crowd, hope to see youse next year!
  5. Kemp

    Bimota HB1 Honda CB750 Clone

    Really nice work! Do you have any plans to offer a "kit" much like Bimota did.
  6. Kemp

    Hailwood Honda race rep agh!

    Need to post a video of it running, gotta hear this beast!
  7. Kemp

    1979 Honda cb650z cafe build

    Kevin, no mods to the engine other than pods. The engine had 25,000kms on it when I bought the donor bike. Head was off it so I did a home valve job and put it back together. That's exactly how it was when we developed the pipe and then dynoed the beast.
  8. Kemp

    1976 Honda CB750F (Actually 915cc) - Helen - Completed!

    Where is the oil tank??
  9. Kemp

    1979 Honda cb650z cafe build

    Yes, the same. I've been busy since with more quite a few more pipes but not on website yet (CB750/900/1100, Kawasaki Z1/KZ900/1000/1100 etc). I can send you a dyno run pic/audio of my 650, really screams!
  10. Kemp

    1979 Honda cb650z cafe build

    This build is killer! I've got to spend more time on Dotheton, great projects!! Get the Fox shocks, bend up a mid pipe and get that beast on the dyno. Like to see what your muffler flows like and sounds like of course. Really interested in how it handles with the Fox shocks.
  11. Kemp

    DO THE TON Mama Tried #6! Oct 9-11 2015 in the Dirty Dirty South

    Thanks for the good wishes, Lanny needs eye surgery but we're hopeful things will be ok. Will miss the crazy dothetonners this year but next year look out, big trouble from the Canucks!
  12. Kemp

    Hailwood Honda race rep agh!

    Lovely! Start it up and turn the camera on!! Do it!!
  13. Kemp

    DO THE TON Mama Tried #6! Oct 9-11 2015 in the Dirty Dirty South

    Medical emergency has cropped up so I won't be able to make it after all this year. First time I've missed this shundig since inception. Have a blast, best wishes to all
  14. Kemp

    Hailwood Honda race rep agh!

    Beautiful fabrication, will be stunning. Can't wait to hear that beast running.
  15. Kemp

    DO THE TON Mama Tried #6! Oct 9-11 2015 in the Dirty Dirty South

    Looking forward to seeing everyone once again, Kiley's or bust! More new Canuks coming down this year to cause havoc and drink all yer beer, seems fair. My only transport at Barber will be my CB550 Hybrid as the Aerostar is Hors de combat. Might need a bit of luck or heavy wrenching at Kileys...
  16. Kemp

    CB550 Carb Boring Services- "Almost Free"

    Starting on the Overbored CB550 carb build tomorrow. Just located all the bits including the bodies bored out by Rick Denoon after I had mothballed the project for 2 years. Now I'm in a panic! I'm hurrying to finish my CB550 build called "The Roadster" for the Toronto Motorcycle Super Show which...
  17. Kemp

    Stupid Question? Differing oil filter housing bolts on CB550s and CB750s

    Interesting that the orfice size is different. Honda had lots of complaints about the small bolt size and the bigger head really makes maintence a lot easier. I know he 77/78 CB750F has a longer bolt to accommodate the sandwich plate between the oil filter housing and the engine case.
  18. Kemp

    DO THE TON Mama Tried V Oct 2014 - Barber Vintage Festival

    Gorgeous work, love the Manx
  19. Kemp

    DO THE TON Mama Tried V Oct 2014 - Barber Vintage Festival

    Kiley is the best! Lanny and I had a fantastic time and really enjoyed the hospitality of the Dotheton group which I'm super proud to belong to. Next year can't come soon enough, maybe I'll even have a bike with brakes so I can ride with youse.
  20. Kemp

    DO THE TON Mama Tried V Oct 2014 - Barber Vintage Festival

    Next year we'll have to do the Talledega track day. Unfortunately both Steve and I didn't get our little CB400's built, not even close, but next year we should have a "Can-Am" track day just for fun , it would be a blast. I 'm sure we could count on a minimum of 5 guys from Canada. Really...
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