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  1. der_nanno

    Kawasaki Z1000 Turbo Reborn

    Maybe we should actually revive it... Not really feeling at home here or on brand-specific forums and the different ideas were always very inspiring.
  2. der_nanno

    Kawasaki Z1000 Turbo Reborn

    As it has still got the Rayjay fitted, are you planning to run this or upgrade to a ball-bearing turbo and if you're sticking with the RayJay, how do you plan to increase the oil-pressure for the turbo? (Or how has it been implemented in the past?) Hold on a sec - is that you Mr.B from the old...
  3. der_nanno

    WTB Benchmaster/Duro mill

    In the end I bought a 6x26 mill instead.
  4. der_nanno

    XS750 Carb woes

    I am one of those guys from back in the day and I found 137.5 with pods to be even better. My high-flow exhaust was a very rotten stock item that may or may not have the lost the odd baffle due to rust eating it away. Also be aware, there's Mikuni and Keihin carbs on those T300-Triumphs...
  5. der_nanno

    1980 yamaha sr250 engine swap

    You can fit a bigbore piston and alternatively you can fit an XT250 engine... That's pretty much your only options for simple alternatives
  6. der_nanno

    Mikuni 33mm flatslide carbs for Yamaha XS750 / 850 for sale

    As the title implies: I have a set of 33mm flatslides for Yamaha triples for sale. The carbs are jetted for K&Ns (not included as I need them for my new, smaller flatslides - torque is more important on a sidecar than outright top-end power), have been synchronized and come with two sets of...
  7. der_nanno

    Installing FI cbr125/250 throttle bodies on CL350 using microsquirt ECU

    I've been contemplating going with a MS3 to replace my current carb setup on the Turbo TR1, but I think we're a bit of course by now...
  8. der_nanno

    Yamaha YZ250/WR450 Turbo Tracker/Supermoto

    Where do you want to place it and how much space do you have? I found (when working on cars) that one-off ally radiator cores aren't very expensive anymore these days, if you are able to TIG-weld ally yourself.
  9. der_nanno

    Installing FI cbr125/250 throttle bodies on CL350 using microsquirt ECU

    I always wondered, why the Microsquirt is still (from my knowledge) stuck at MS2? It's a lovely project though...
  10. der_nanno

    Nannos XS Triple Sidecar

    Drilling is next The throttle assembly is from a DR600 and for those who know me: yes, I actually polished this one (years ago), when I wanted to use it on my XT500. And that's how the three look (still missing some bits) And sounds a bit like this: A longer (seriously) version...
  11. der_nanno

    Nannos XS Triple Sidecar

    The following post is pretty much spot on a week's worth of work. I started out with a set of four carbs from a Mk.1 slabbie GSXR750 (Euro-spec - those came with VM29SS flatslides from the factory, pretty much an OEM-version of Mikuni RS34s, but with a smaller bore - perfect for what I want on a...
  12. der_nanno

    Nannos XS Triple Sidecar

    Guess this should have interest go in the right direction... And trust me it was a lot of work for just one week and only "just" removing one carb to make it fit:
  13. der_nanno


    Check out how much shipping with parcelforce or the like to Austria is (unless one of the UK peeps steps forward) - should be like 10 minutes of work.
  14. der_nanno

    Nanno's "mule" a TR1 for everyday

    ... or the story of a poor little engine, which doesn't know it's not even meant to exist. :cool: The story starts with me being a bit unhappy about the engine, which I built lately. In essence, I've built the perfect race-engine, not much grunt down low, but oh-boy does it rev. (And make...
  15. der_nanno

    Cafe XV920R Mega-Build

    If you have them off already, you may want to consider going with some 700 or 750 heads to increase compression. Plus the smaller valves really help with the low-end torque from my own experience. Lightly ported the losses up to 7000rpm are rather neglible.
  16. der_nanno

    Ton up SR250: 100mph, 100kg, 30hp

    Seems to be the season, I moved my shop in November and wow that was quite a blow for a while... (Slowly starting to adapt to the new place etc.) It'll be fine.
  17. der_nanno

    Cb450/500t track bike

    That looks like an interesting mill in the background... what is it?
  18. der_nanno

    83 Yamaha TR1 cafe build

    No worries and keep us updated how well it works. I owe a hydraulic clutch conversion to a friend, whom I've built a highly souped up XV750 for last year and the clutch is a "tad" stiff.
  19. der_nanno

    83 Yamaha TR1 cafe build

    The original snail pushes the clutch-rod inwards (now I finally understand the question you asked on VTF), basically you will need an adaptor to go through the engine cover to extend the pushrod out side and then you could quite simply run a normal clutch slave cylinder.
  20. der_nanno

    Who makes a quality 4 carb sync tool? Dial vs manometer...who do you like?

    Boehm in Germany or if you want their budget-line, it is called Memo, where they replaced the Copper-Beryllium spring with a slightly cheaper variant. It's like buying a swiss watch, sure the poundland digital watch for 0.99p will be just as fine, but the satisfaction of working with a...
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