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  1. crazypj

    1975 Yamaha RD350 - Engine noise after engine seizure repair

    If I remember right, LC pistons have smaller windows in piston and are 2mm shorter than RD? (it's been around 35 years since I worked in Yamaha dealers) Clearance should be around 0.002" but will work up to 0.005", above that the skirts break off from piston slap. I didn't see bore clearance...
  2. crazypj

    1975 Yamaha RD350 - Engine noise after engine seizure repair

    You didn't put the pistons in backwards? Arrow pointing to exhaust ( and piston skirt 'windows' to intake) Circlips were seated properly? Small end bearings new? Did you check the port chamfers? Exhaust port is real easy to do but the transfers and bypass ports quite a lot more difficult I would...
  3. crazypj

    old floats

    I make vacuum adapters for 360's and they fit float bowl drain screws. So far, I have never seen 360 'foam' floats become damaged even with E10 fuel. Don't put them in carb cleaner though.. If your using E10, set floats (properly not by CMC video) to 21mm. Non ethanol uses stock spec (19.5mm)...
  4. crazypj

    CB360's-from build to blog - 2013, MDS (Mo Dumb Shit)

    Was a bit bored yesterday so made a new axle nut for 360. Original steel only weighs about two ounces but I had a 'new toy' to play with (collet blocks) so made one from 6061 aluminium. It's less than three quarters of an ounce so I'm going to use it on the 'lightweight' 378. Dumb? I don't care...
  5. crazypj

    CB360's-from build to blog - 2013, MDS (Mo Dumb Shit)

    Carbs sent back but no feedback on results. Found something interesting today though, Arduino based ECU, open source. Was toying with the idea quite a few years ago but didn't really get anywhere. Youtuber converting 1970's bikes to fuel injection , etc. Neodymium...
  6. crazypj

    Help with Honda CJ360T Carburetor settings

    Fuel level and float level are related but not the same. If your using E10 fuel, set floats to 21mm. The correct way to set float isn't at 90 degrees but around 70 degrees so tang on float just contacts shut off valve without compressing damper spring. Unless you use stock air box, you will...
  7. crazypj

    CB360's-from build to blog - 2013, MDS (Mo Dumb Shit)

    Some pictures. First one shows eroded bits and stuck pilot jet. Threaded part for pilot jet plug crumbled away when plug was removed (middle hole on left side) Float posts for pivot pin also pretty bad, oversize when cleaned up so have to make new oversize pivot pins, 2.7mm diameter. Pic 3...
  8. crazypj

    CB360's-from build to blog - 2013, MDS (Mo Dumb Shit)

    Found out something new about CB360 carbs. The pilot (slow) jet is a weird size. Even though I've worked on these carbs for more than 40 yeas in total, I never needed to know the thread size and assumed it was metric. Well, it isn't! Did some measuring, looked like 1/8" Whitworth. Did more...
  9. crazypj

    74 Suzuki T500 - The Phoenix

    The 'MZ 'twin . Probably common knowledge by now but make sure you don't over torque heads and spark plugs as they WILL distort and/or crack.
  10. crazypj

    A Motorcycle Motorcycle Sidecar

    If you've ever had a 'sorted' outfit, it's probably the most fun you will ever have with your clothes on.
  11. crazypj

    Forks for 1980 CB750 Super Sport

    Looking at pic I guess it was run into something then tubes reversed so it could be wheeled around. Even 35mm fork tubes are strong enough not to bend like that after even worst wheelie landing. You probably need frame checked as steering head can 'twist' to one side. AQ quick check would be to...
  12. crazypj

    CB360 from rat cafe to real bike!

    For some reason I didn't think to look at page 1 earlier (doh). The pictures were not loading either but today they did (weird?) Now you have top yoke welded up, a longish bolt diagonal between the handlebar damper holes and the outer fork hole would give all the clamping you need. You just...
  13. crazypj

    CB360 from rat cafe to real bike!

    I thought you did 390 plus cam and everything? That was a CB500F or maybe an early (1975? CB550) top clamp.The fork legs were only chromed on the part that needed to contact seals so tops always went rusty. Lter CB550 fork tubes from F1 or F2 are chromed over full length, can't remember if the...
  14. crazypj

    CB360's-from build to blog - 2013, MDS (Mo Dumb Shit)

    Saw doc last Friday, he had prescribed meds last August but for some reason pharmacy never got script? Anyway, got some meds now and feeling quite a lot better so may actually get something done for a change
  15. crazypj

    CB360's-from build to blog - 2013, MDS (Mo Dumb Shit)

    First log in for a while. Been feeling totally exhausted and didn't know why exactly (thought it was grandson wearing me out) Anyway, wife has been sick and in hospital (had hysterectomy plus other issues, now has to carry oxygen bottle around plus a oxygen generator to sleep with) I checked...
  16. crazypj

    CB360 Primary Main Jet Blues

    I know this is pretty old now but I recently did a set of carbs where primary mains were missing so I made some 'short' 65 primary main jets. (quicker than waiting for the 'correct' too long ones to shorten, he already ordered wrong ones and had them sent to me) Bike is running better than ever...
  17. crazypj

    Some custom machining work

    Front hub looks very similar to a stock Harley one I have
  18. crazypj

    Switching from standard to radial MC

    I would stick with 16mm piston in MC if that's what you have now and it's working good for you.
  19. crazypj

    My "new" 83 vf750f making noises....maybe won lobes, maybe something else?

    The tensioner had various issues and would stop working. My least favourite Honda of all time as I spent way too long at Suzuki dealer fixing the ones Honda shop across the road wouldn't do(minimum of one a week for over 2 years, sometimes 3 or 4) Couple of relatively quick fixes. 1- remove the...
  20. crazypj

    Honda CL360 Floating Donuts Hellride

    How many 360's have you done now? (a lot? :cool:) Ikinda like the super crazy fat tyre idea (particularly as Florida is all sand)
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